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Do you know about "Japanese Cats"?

"Japanese cats" is the most familiar cat for Japanese people. Do you want to know what it is like or the personality of each?

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Published on 09 Apr 2021, 12:00

What is "Japanese Cats"?

"Japanese Cats" is a general term for cats that have been living in Japan for a long time. This is the most popular type in Japan, and it is all-time favourite cats to have for Japanese people.

Japanese cats have a round face with a well-defined nose. The body is well built, and the legs are a little chubby. They have short hair.

It is known that Japanese cats have a short tail, called "Japanese bobtail". But some have the tail with a little bend at the tip too. This is called a "key tail", and those are also features of Japanese cats.

The variety of hair colour or patterns in Japanese cats is one of the unique points too. And each has a different personality depending on the colour of the hairs.

1. Shiro Neko

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"Shiro Neko" means "White cats". The cats covered only white hair, and they mostly have blue or gold coloured eyes.

The white body beautifully shines when bathing in the sunlight, and it gives Shiro Neko grace and elegance.

Shiro Neko is a smart and clever cat. Meanwhile, they sometimes become nervous and cautious so that it may take some time to open up.

2. Kuro Neko

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It is the cat covered with only black hair, or black but with a few other colours. Totally black coloured cats are rarer to find in Japan these days.

Regardless of its impact on appearance, the personality is calm and friendly. Kuro Neko is very affectionate, and read the owner's feelings to get attention.

3. Kiji Tora

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The cats with "Tora" in name, have stripe patterns on their body. "Tora" means "tiger" in Japanese.

Kiji Tora has brown hair as the base and striped with black colour. Brown has been said as an original colour of Japanese cats.

Although it is cautious cats, they become more friendly once you are familiar with them. Kiji Tora can be the most curious and inquisitive cat among all Japanese cats.

4. Cha Tora

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Cha Tora has a bright brown hair base and reddish stripes.

Cha Tora is spoiled cats. They adore the owner like their own mother. Even if you lift up and hold them on the lap, they would be gentle.

5. Saba Tora

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It is the Japanese cats with a grey base with a black stripe pattern. It is said that Saba Tora is more quiet and mild personality than Kiji Tora.

6. Buchi Neko

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There are two types of Buchi Neko. One has white and black, another has white and brown hair.

And the hair patterns are unique and various.

It is understood that the personality of Buchi Neko is determined by which colour of hair is the most occupied.

For example, if the cat has more white hair, then it has a white cat's personality; smart but cautious. If the cat's hair is occupied by black, then it might be more calm and friendly.

7. Sabi Neko

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Sabi Neko has a mosaic pattern with red and black hair. From this appearance, they are also called "Bekko" (tortoiseshell cat).

The personality is moderate and quiet. They also prefer quiet environments to stay, so don't make them scared by making a noise suddenly in front of Sabi Neko.

8. Mike Neko

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Generally, this type of Japanese cats has three different colours of hair: black, white and brown.

Almost all Mike Neko are female, and it is quite rare to find male ones. This is because it's their genes.

They tend to have very strong likes and dislikes and get grit. So, it might be more difficult to have Mike Neko than other Japanese cats.

This article has introduced the typical "Japanese Cats". In Japanese cats, there are no purebred ones, so they are not sold at pet shops.

When you want to get a Japanese cat, you can take over them from other cat owners, or adopt them from animal shelters, and take in alley cats.

Looking at these adorable Japanese cats above, would you like to own one?



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