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The most loved Japanese flower Sakura and charming facts


The most loved Japanese flower Sakura and charming facts

Do you know how many Sakura types are existed in Japan? In short spring season, more than hundreds of different types of Sakura flower can be observed all over Japan.

Waku Waku

Waku Waku

Published on 03 May 2020, 11:35

Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) is the most popular Japanese flower, also mentioned as one of the most loved spring flower in the world. We call it "Sakura" as a general term, but actually Japan has more than 600 types of Sakura flower, which has attractive features on each.

It is not practical to remember all, but here we introduce 6 types of the most common of Sakura flower with some tips to distinguish. These might make your Sakura viewing experience more interesting.

1.Somei Yoshino

Somei Yoshino
Somei Yoshino

This is the most popular type of Sakura, which is seen a lot of places in Japan. The color is whitish pink, and it looks absolutely gorgeous thanks to blooming flowers on all over large brunches at the same time.

Somei Yoshino is the standard tree, which decides the official Sakura flowering date in Japan. Therefore, if you simply hear "Sakura flower", it generally means Somei Yoshino tree. It blooms for around 10 days to two weeks, from middle March to April.

2.Yama Zakura

Yama Zakura at Yoshino Yama, Nara
Yama Zakura at Yoshino Yama, Nara

While Somei Yoshino was developed as a garden plant and has spread widely throughout the country, Yama Zakura grows in nature, and has become one of the most popular wild species Sakura types.

As "Yama" means "mountain", this Sakura is seen in mountain areas mainly. One of the most popular Sakura viewing spot; Yoshino Yama, Nara, is famous for Yama Zakura, where has 30,000 Sakura trees in total, including other varieties.

3.Kawazu Zakura

Kawazu Zakura
Kawazu Zakura

This flower, beautifully mixed with rose and dark pink colored petal, is Kawazu Zakura. It is famous that blooming starts much earlier compared to other trees, in early February. It is also known that Kawazu Zakura has the longest blooming period for about one month, which is the longest as Sakura flower tree. Over a week of full blooming duration gives us a long term enjoyable Sakura viewing.

Although Kawazu in Shizuoka is origin of Kawazu Zakura, it is now observed at a lots of places and festivals throughout Japan.

4.Oshima Zakura

Oshima Zakura
Oshima Zakura

Oshima Zakura is mainly habitat in Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka. The flower is pretty whiteish. As the leaves come out at the same time of flower blooming, the full bloomed tree could be observed as yellow-greenish colour from distance.

One of biggest feature of Oshima Zakura is its flavour. Japanese sweets called "Sakura Mochi" is a pink rose cake filled with sweetened bean paste, wrapped in a salted-preserved cherry leaf. Traditionally, leaves of Oshima Zakura is used for this sweets, because of its strong and elegant aroma.

Sakura Mochi
Sakura Mochi

5.Shidare Zakura

Miharu Takizakura in Fukushima
Miharu Takizakura in Fukushima

This tree type has drooping branches toward to the ground, and each branches have numerous smaller flowers. "Shidare" means “weeping” in Japanese, this "weeping cherry" gives elegance and exquisite looks which distinguishes from other types of Sakura tree.

Shidare Zakura is Kyoto prefecture’s symbol flower, and many are viewed in Kyoto. Meanwhile, a national natural monument - Miharu Takizakura, Fukushima, 1,000 year-old tree is also extremely popular Shidare Zakura in Japan.

6.Yae Zakura

Yae Zakura
Yae Zakura

On the one hand that the most popular Somei Yoshino has 5 petals for each flower, on the other hand, there is the flower type which has more than 6 petals. Yae Zakura is type of Sakura tree which has numerous flower petals.

It has both origin of being developed artificially or wild species. The number of petals are different depending on varieties, for example, some varieties have 20 petals while others have 100 petals.

Above is the basic information about the 6 most popular types of cherry blossoms in Japan. Through this article, we hope you have got more knowledge about this lovely Sakura flower, to find it more interesting and attractive.


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