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What a "Japanese Family Restaurant" is like?

Do you know there is food heaven where you can enjoy varieties of cuisine Japanese, Western, and even Chinese, no matter what time of the day, from early morning to late night? In Japan, it’s called "Family Restaurant" - a popular place for eating out.

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Published on 26 Mar 2021, 12:00

Is the target really "Family"?

Family Restaurant (also called "Famiri-resu" in Japanese), just because the name has "family" in it doesn’t mean the restaurants are for families only.

"A casual dining restaurant that has higher quality than fast food and aims at all ages" is defined as a family restaurant.

The special character of these restaurants is the variety of dishes. They have everything from Japanese, Western, Chinese, Korean, liquor, snacks, and dessert cakes. And most importantly, they are all delicious.

Such restaurants are scattered all over Japan.

A cozy atmosphere restaurant

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When it comes to prices, family restaurants are very reasonable. Even though the restaurant is commonly extremely spacious offering a great number of seats.

Therefore, it is also used as a place for students to study while eating dessert together, to have a drink with friends and families, to have a chat, or simply just to relax.

For Japanese people, family restaurants are such common places for gathering. So common that many Japanese TV shows or dramas have real-life associated scenes shot at one of these family restaurants.

Basic facilities of Japanese Family Restaurants

So what’s special about these restaurants that people love it for?

1) "Easy-to-understand Menu" with mouth-watering food photos

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Photo-based menus are common for family restaurants. This kind of menu is easy to understand for children and also for people who do not understand Japanese. Nowadays, some restaurants even implement touch panels and multilingual menus into their system.

2) "Call button"

There is a "call button" on each table.

When you want to order food or have any specific request, you can press the "Call Button" and the waiter will directly come to your table. Being able to call the waiter at your own timing just by pressing a button is very convenient, isn’t it?

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3) All-you-can-drink "Drink Bar"

It is no exaggeration to say that Japanese family restaurants are fully equipped everywhere.

This is a self-service all-you-can-drink system for soft drinks. (Alcohol is not included)

Another cool service is there are many types of drinks to choose from such as tea, cola, soda, and Calpis (a Japanese special soft drink). In addition, you will usually get a discount if you order with the main course.

For example, Gusto (a major family restaurant chain) has a store where you can enjoy 68 kinds of drinks. The price is 399 yen (excluding tax). When combined with meals, the price of the drink bar drops down to only 219 yen (excluding tax).

Thanks to this drink bar and the coziness of the family restaurant, friends and family meet-ups can last for hours and hours.

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If you're traveling to Japan with your entire family particularly with little babies, family restaurants can be a great option for a quick, delicious, and inexpensive meal. Definitely check them out!

Want to know more about these family restaurants and which chain brands are popular? Stay tuned for the next article!



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