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Cat in Japan: Things you need to know about


Cat in Japan: Things you need to know about

Japan is obsessed with cats. Take a quick walk down the street and you'll see cat faces on products, posters, banners ,video games, etc and even actual cats wandering around your neighbourhood area.

Waku Waku

Waku Waku

Published on 20 Apr, 12:00

Hello Kitty, probably the most successful foreign exported character, is a great example of how much Japanese loves cats. But it's only the floating part of an iceberg. In Japan, cat is not all about its cuteness, they also symbolize power and good fortune which explains why shop owners put "Maneki Neko" in front of their shop with hopes that they can bring in luck with their waving paws.

Here are few things you need to know about Japanese Cats

Cat in Japan: Things you need to know about

Find out more about Japanese Cats:

Are you interested in adopting a cat in Japan?

Travel and get surrounded by these cute furry fellows. You can die happy now.



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