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How Japanese people celebrate Christmas


How Japanese people celebrate Christmas

In recent years, Christmas has become a meaningful holiday for Japanese people, especially young one, they spend this period of time with the one they love.

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Published on 14 Dec 2020, 12:00


How Japanese people celebrate Christmas

Christmas is often known as a holiday when you spend time with your family. Such things like having a family dinner, rewind what you have done this year, together sing Christmas songs, sharing presents and many many more.

But in Japan, Christmas is more about a romantic day for couples. Such thing like holding hands walking under illuminated city road, couples cherish with happiness and peaceful in this holiday.

But if Christmas is a couple event then how about other events for couple like Valentines? Do Japanese people celebrate it as well? Find out more in the article below:


Christmas is not a national holiday in Japan but in recent decades, people have been celebrating this event as a time to spread the love and happiness. But the way Japanese celebrate Christmas can be somewhat unique and different than original customs.

How Japanese people celebrate Christmas

To give you an idea, things like Christmas Eve is celebrated more than Christmas Day or giving only one present.

Interesting, isn't it? Read the below article for more details:


How Japanese people celebrate Christmas

It's not Christmas season without illumination in Japan. You can easily find illuminations attraction flooded with fairy lights, illuminated bells in cities across Japan in this season.

Even though, some illuminations attractions are open throughout the whole year but in Christmas, some seasonal themed color (red, green, blue) are more focused to create that Christmas spirit.

If you are still wondering where to see illuminations this Christmas, we have some unique suggestions for you in this article. Don't miss it!

We hope that you find these information interesting and helpful. Christmas is just around the corner! How about enjoying Christmas in Japanese way for this year Christmas?

How Japanese people celebrate Christmas



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