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The ultimate guide for Japanese Sake


The ultimate guide for Japanese Sake

Sake can be enjoyed in every corner of Japan, from a small pub/bar, Izakaya to extremely luxurious restaurants.

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Published on 04 Jun, 12:00

When a non-Japanese mentions about Sake, normally they are only referring to the fermented rice wine. However, in Japanese, Sake is a general term used to refer to any alcoholic drinks including beer, whisky, vodka, wine, rice wine, shochu, etc.

Depending on where you live, in which season you are enjoying or which side dishes come with your Sake, choosing the appropriate Sake type and how to drink it for ultimate experience can be quite tricky.

Let's read more about Japanese Sake and how Japanese enjoy it authentically!
The ultimate guide for Japanese Sake

Learn more about Japanese Sake:

Where to drink in Japan:

Japanese drinking culture:


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