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Admiring Hoi An lanterns at


Admiring Hoi An lanterns at "Lantern Night", Yokohama

If you love Hoi An as well as the cute lanterns there and want to admire them, but you are staying in Japan, don't miss the lantern festival held in Yokohama.

Hiền Cherry Trần

Hiền Cherry Trần

Published on 20 Aug, 12:00

Lantern Festival - also called "Lantern Night", is inspired by the lantern town in Hoi An, Vietnam. With only a 5-minute walk from Yokohama station, this place makes Hoi An lanterns a highlight of the night.

Address: 1-10 Kinkocho, Kanagawa Ward, Yokohama

Time: From 17:00 - 22:00

Festival dates: From July to September. I went in August. You can follow this website to update every year.

Ticket price: Free

A friend living far from here, came to my place on that day. As her hometown is close to Hoi An, we decided to visit Yokohama when hearing that there was a lantern festival in Yokohama. We planned to come early to have time to visit other surrounding places, but we ended up in the afternoon and got lost many times. Trains in Japan had too many ways, so we struggled to find which way to enter.

After seeking for a while, we finally found the path and saw the twinkling lanterns, but we were stuck at a dead end and could not go to the other side.

Looking inside from a distance
Looking inside from a distance

We turned back, going downwards, and asked the staff for help. They instructed us, and we found the way to the top floor to admire the lanterns. At first, I thought there would be plenty of lanterns, but I felt a bit disappointed because there were fewer lanterns than I had imagined.

Just a few lanterns
Just a few lanterns

Entered inside, we saw one side have many trees, the other side was a row of seat for guests. The lanterns were hung far above, so we could not touch them, just standing below and looking up to see them.

Seating area
Seating area

I followed other people to go inside. It was very crowded, and many people were queuing. When I looked inside, I saw that place was much more glorious than the previous one. The lanterns also had different colors, so they were eye-catching and low enough for visitors to touch.

I finally entered after waiting in line for a while. Then I started to stand beside the lovely lanterns to take photos. This is the first time I have seen this kind of lantern since I could only see the red lanterns in my hometown. My friend and I quickly took photos together then leave space for other people.

People were queuing for taking photos
People were queuing for taking photos

It took 2 hours to travel from my home to Yokohama, so after admiring the lanterns, we hurriedly went to catch the train to return home, or else it would be midnight when we were back. Though the number of lanterns was fewer than I had imagined, I felt very proud that Vietnam's cultural beauty had been brought to the world.

A small note is that there are no reasonably-priced restaurants here. If you come here with an empty stomach, you can go downstairs, but the food is not cheap, so I think you should bring some snacks.

Yokohama has many places for you to go sightseeing, eat and take photos. Let's spend a whole day discovering all of the exciting things here!

Hiền Cherry Trần

Hiền Cherry Trần

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