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Amazing facts about Geisha


Amazing facts about Geisha

When learning about the country and people of Japan, I came upon some interesting facts about the real work of a Geisha

Linh Linh

Linh Linh

Published on 12 Jan 2021, 12:00

Geisha (芸者) is an ancient and unique cultural trait of Japan. This word comprises two characters "gei" - 芸, which means entertainment, and "sha" - 者 , which means people.

Therefore, Geisha are considered artists with the ability to sing, dance, and lead conversations in wine parties of the Japanese upper class.

1. Geisha's job does not include prostitution

Many people, including me, probably misunderstand the work of a geisha after reading the famous book "Memoirs of a Geisha" by the author Arthur Golden. For a long time, I had always assumed that Geisha are just prostitutes in disguise because their work includes singing and dancing.

The truth is, a geisha's work often includes flirting, laughing, and joking - but never includes sexual activity with clients.

Oirans can
Oirans can "provide sexual service" while Geisha only "provide entertainment service"

2. Geisha can be a... male?

When talking about Geisha, people often misunderstand that Geisha are women and relate to the image of white-face girls wearing traditional kimonos.

However, in fact, at first, Geisha were male and were known as Hokan Geisha. Later, the demand for female Geisha increased, making the number of Hokan decrease.

Amazing facts about Geisha

3. Geisha do not serve in tea parties

A geisha's work is to sing and lead conversations in wine parties of the Japanese upper class. They do not serve in tea parties, instead, they let Maiko - apprentices who are training to become Geisha - take care of this job.

Amazing facts about Geisha

4. Geisha are not allowed to get married

One special thing is that Geisha are not allowed to get married as long as they still do this job. The moment they decide to follow this path and receive the training is also when they give up the thought of getting married to become true artists.

5. Geisha live in a separate district

Geisha usually live in separate districts to facilitate their studies and activities.

Geisha is not an easy job. They have to strictly follow rules about their costumes, makeup as well as how to satisfy their clients. These districts are often called Hanamachi - flower towns.

Amazing facts about Geisha

Japan is becoming more and more modern, with skyscrapers and bright neon lights everywhere. Still, it seems that nowadays, only a few people find joy by meeting and talking to Geisha, and revelling in their elegance like in the Edo period.

After all, similar to other traditional arts and crafts, Geisha needs preservation and development to remain a cultural beauty of the land of the rising sun.

Linh Linh

Linh Linh

Super humorous and active person, I myself am interested in writing and sharing my experience in Japan. Hope to find someone to travel with 🗻🗻🗻


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