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Autumn - Winter edition: Japanese fashion and how to get dressed in Tokyo


Autumn - Winter edition: Japanese fashion and how to get dressed in Tokyo

What kind of clothes to take with me was a big question for me prior to coming to Japan in winter. So, I want to share with you my experience of clothing, since some cold seasons are approaching. Besides that, the description of the general style of Japanese people, who in my opinion, can be a great etalon of fashion.

Zhaniya Toktassynova

Zhaniya Toktassynova

Published on 20 Dec 2020, 12:00

For the foreigners, Japanese fashion is something out of reality - it is whether cosplay style with blue hair, high heels and anime-kind of make-up or school skirt and sailor suit.

Of course, you may meet such unique people in specific areas like Harajuku or Shibuya. However, it is rare to encounter some articles describing common Japanese style you always meet in the streets.

1/ Women’s style

Japanese women usually don’t emphasize their body silhouette and their sexuality, that is why fitted dress or very short and tightened skirt is not what you usually see on women.

They prioritize geometrical silhouettes, so long straight dress and loosened blouse with flared trousers are what usually being worn by stylish women.

I like that casual style is pretty common here and any combinations of clothes are welcome, it is just a matter of your imagination. So, you may encounter girls wearing some sporty clothing with heels or a dress with sneakers, and you feel how great it may look.

Random Japanese clothing brand
Random Japanese clothing brand

Colours are mostly of pastel tones, calm and monotonous. As another distinction of their style is layering, when a different type of clothes can be worn over each other.

Especially, it is the case in the cold seasons, when wearing a t-shirt on a sweater with a skirt and covering it all with a coat as well as hanging a thick and cozy scarf overall this looks pretty stylish.

And also, as a common lifestyle or distinction of Japanese culture we can remark a minimalist approach, as well as in their style of clothing. Which makes it more delicate and neat.
Minimalist style and pastel colours
Minimalist style and pastel colours

Autumn in Tokyo is pretty comforting, so light jackets and sweaters are a common part of the wardrobe in this season.

Which is not a case in winter, because the strong wind and humid air do increasing effect of low temperatures. So, most of the cases, you may need something over your clothes such as parka, coat, downs, especially the ones that are windproof.

I had another wonder about shoes since I am from the country where the snow covers at least 1-meter height in winter, I am used to thick fur-filled long shoes.

So, as I came to Tokyo I realised that it barely snows here, so stylish boots or thin shoes covering ankle is more than enough. But, of course, for a matter of fashion, some long boots are also acceptable.

Autumn style
Autumn style
Tip: I’d recommend checking Uniqlo stores for "Heatech" cloths or getting those packs of heating pads at any drugstore or 100-yen shops. You may use those for hands, feet or any other part that tends to get cold.

2/ Men’s style

Without any exaggeration, my first impression of Japanese men's outfit was office and classic style, wearing a backpack or shoulder bag.

And it is true, you usually see people coming out of work, and the common office uniform is formal suit. But apart from the majority, especially among younger men, I’ve noticed pretty stylish personas. Mainly you see them wearing baggy oversize clothes and shoes of famous brands.

Among more classic yet fashionable men I’ve noticed them wearing shoulder bags, that really suit the case and no matter how that bag may associate with women bag, it really looks great (as in the picture below).

Fashionable bags
Fashionable bags

For Autumn and Winter weather, men are usually dressed in down jackets and wool coats, also parkas can be a good choice. As a stylish shoe selection, there are many "Timberlandish" brands that may suit the fashion and weather of Tokyo.

Typical Young mens' style
Typical Young mens' style

Interestingly, I noticed a pattern in many families, where parents are dressed pretty warm in autumn, but once you see their children, you feel like their parents want to harden their child against the cold. Because they would sometimes get dressed in light shirts and thin pants, sometimes you even see tiny new-born babies with no socks on them.

Another interesting fact about Japanese peoples' habit in the cold seasons, is having a big number of thick, stylish, branded or cozy socks variety.

As a person coming from a cold country, I was surprised to see socks to be such a big and important item, that you can find at any combini, and even sometimes in the special vending machines.

Uniqlo socks
Uniqlo socks

As a bonus here are some famous Japanese brands that you may find almost in the shopping area of Tokyo, which also represents Japanese common fashion and manner of clothing:

  • Uniqlo
  • GU (subsidiary brand of Uniqlo which aims buyers at their 18-30 y.o.)
  • WeGo
  • Cecil McBee
  • Earth music & ecology

To sum up, fall and winter are the time when you can understand their style. I am a big fan of modest yet natural taste of clothing, and I always get inspired by the Japanese approach to the fashion here.

Zhaniya Toktassynova

Zhaniya Toktassynova

I am from beautiful country called Kazakhstan I am married and we have an adorable child who was born in Japan, Tokyo My specialty is Tourism Management, that is why I love to share all my experiences of cultures and traveling destinations,and I’m happy to share with my current experience in Japan

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