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Buying tickets or vouchers at Kinken Shop


Buying tickets or vouchers at Kinken Shop

Kinken Shop is a discount ticket shop which buys or sells train tickets, food coupons, exchange money, etc. And it's the best option to save money! Do you want to know what is special about the shop?

Thanh Huyền

Thanh Huyền

Published on 21 Apr, 12:00

Kinken Shop: The ideal place to buy and sell Seishun tickets at a low price

Wait a minute, what is a Seishun ticket?

Foreign visitors may find "Seishun ticket" a strange definition.

To put it simply, this is a ticket from JR, the largest railway company in the country of cherry blossoms, which costs 11850 yen and can be used to travel for 5 days (not necessary 5 consecutive days, but there's still a valid expiry date printed on the ticket). With this ticket, I can travel around Japan by train every day without worrying about the price (only 2410 yen per day).

What do Seishun tickets have to do with Kinken shops?

I often act as a ''tour guide" for my friends in Vietnam who want to visit Japan for a short time. During those times, they only need to use Seishun tickets for about 2 - 3 days, and they always regret spending money because they are required to buy 5-day tickets at JR stations.
I often call this ticket
I often call this ticket "The Ticket of the train of the Youth" as the name printed on the ticket

As a Vietnamese who has been living in Japan for a long time, I always have two options to help my friends save some money on tickets:

Option 1: Buying JR tickets at the original price of 11850 yen/per ticket/5 days and have fun all they want. After that, I will help them sell those extra tickets at Kinken shops.

Note: When my friends do not need to use the tickets anymore, I often sell them right away to get "the best price possible" instead of losing some money when selling them near the expiration date (each ticket has a specified expiration date). Although there are a few days left on your ticket, I am sure the price will be lower than 2410 yen/day, but if the expiration date on the ticket is far away, you will be able to sell it at 80-95% of the original price.

Option 2: Buying used JR tickets from Kinken shops when they only need them for about 2 - 3 days. The price will be slightly higher than that of the 5-day one (2410 yen/day), but my friends will not need to wait for me to transfer them the money after selling tickets like option 1.

I often buy tickets that can be used for 2 more days for 5500 yen

Kinken Shop: Where I often sell coupons when I don't have time to use them

Buying tickets or vouchers at Kinken Shop

I still remember that the first time I went to Kinken shop to sell something was when my company gave me three codes for barbecues worth 2,000 yen each. During that time, I was a vegetarian, so I did not need those. I accidentally knew about Kinken shop and went there to ask, and the staff bought my 3 coupons for 5000 yen.

After that, they will sell those to customers for about 5500 yen/ 3 coupons. With this price, no matter I am a seller or a buyer, I can enjoy a better price than the original one, right?

If you are given a coupon for something that you do not need to use, ask the staff at Kinken shop to see if it can be sold
If you are given a coupon for something that you do not need to use, ask the staff at Kinken shop to see if it can be sold

A cheaper place to exchange money than banks

I have friends who often travel to 2 - 3 countries on every trip. When my friend finished her trip to Japan, she still had a few thousand yen left and wanted to exchange those for Korean money. Therefore, I told her to go to Kinken shop to get the best price.

Besides, if you go out in groups, don't forget to go to Kinken Shop to buy movie tickets or park tickets!

When you want to buy a movie ticket at a lower price than buying it directly at the cinema, there will not be so many movies for you to choose from. Still, if you buy quickly during months with a lot of hot movies, you cannot only save money but also immerse yourselves in impressive movies.

These are the benefits of Kinken shop. I am sure that foreign visitors will find this shop so puzzling, right?


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