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Discover delightful treats at Kitakyushu Museum


Discover delightful treats at Kitakyushu Museum

Let's join me in a journey back to the past to discover the skeletons of dinosaurs, elephants, giraffes as well as observe countless birds and sea animals at Inochinotabi museum. This also serves as an opportunity for you to broaden your knowledge about the animal kingdom in the most vivid and understandable way.

Thanh Huyền

Thanh Huyền

Published on 13 Mar, 12:00

Kitakyushu Dinosaurs Museum - An amazing journey back to the past

The full name of this museum is Kitakyushu Museum of Natural History & Human History.

Its Natural History Zone displays artifacts, including fossils and archaeological discoveries.

The Natural History Zone consists of several rooms, including:

  • Time-traveling room: We flew back to the Cretaceous Era when dinosaurs were still dominant in every continent. Also at that time, new groups of mammals, birds and flowering plants came into existence.
  • The history of the earth and life: This room exhibits artifacts from ancient times.

Each visitor is given a map to create their own itinerary. There is no standardized or correct itinerary, so feel free to discover the museum your own way!

Discover delightful treats at Kitakyushu Museum

As soon as I entered the museum, I was greeted by a gigantic dinosaur standing proudly at the gate that was welcoming all visitors to the museum. Just by looking at it, I knew my adventure back to the past had started.

This was probably the largest Dinosaur Museum I had ever visited.

The ticket price is quite reasonable. Each ticket costs 600 yen per adult; 300 yen per college and high school student; and 240 yen per middle school & elementary school student. That's why I saw many children visiting this museum.

The museum was a real eye-opener. It helped me acquire more knowledge about natural life and human evolution since the dawn of time. When standing amidst an unaccountable number of specimens of not only dinosaurs but also giraffes and elephants, for a second, I was really convinced that I was a man of forest.

The skeleton of Tyrannosaurus Rex.
The skeleton of Tyrannosaurus Rex.

I often read books about dinosaurs to my daughter since she was a little girl; it was the Tyrannosaurus Rex that enchanted her the most. It was therefore so pleasantly surprising that I came across this dinosaur's skeleton when visiting this museum.

I quickly captured a photo and showed it to my daughter as I got back home. She was very excited and wished to be here one day.

Visiting this museum, I was overwhelmed by an enormous number of skeletons.
Visiting this museum, I was overwhelmed by an enormous number of skeletons.

Not only dinosaurs, but also many other animals

Everything in the museum was arranged scientifically. Walking on the floor, I was surrounded by skeletons of terrestrial animals, while hung on the ceiling were a variety of fishes. The giant fishes were recreating such a vivid image of a vast ocean.

A little deeper inside the museum was the zone for birds, most of which were placed in glass cages so I cannot touch them like the way I did to dinosaur fossils. On the glasses there were notes explaining the kinds of birds, but in Japanese only. This is a sort of challenge for foreign tourists.

It took me by surprise that penguins were also present in this museum.

Discover delightful treats at Kitakyushu Museum

This museum brought me from surprise to surprise. There was an area that displayed marine shells from many parts of the world for tourists to have a closer look and carefully ponder. If you go to the museum to learn more about the Earth like I did, it will definitely take you more than 3 hours to explore this space.

Address: 2 Chome-4-1 Higashida, Yahatahigashi Ward, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka 805-0071

Time: from 9 am to 5 pm during weekdays

I dropped at Space World station, and then walked for about 7 more minutes to get to the museum.

Note: You should come with Japanese or a Japanese speaker to be able to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of each animal at the museum. If you do not speak Japanese, you might come here to observe the artifacts only rather than gaining more knowledge.

For me, the museum was a perfect place to learn about the animal kingdom without being stressed.

Hope you'll have a delightful adventure to the Inochinotabi Museum.


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