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Do you know about Pocky Day ?


Do you know about Pocky Day ?

Pocky Day is not a common term in some countries but in Japan, all people celebrate 11 November every year with the name of Pocky Day. How did we enjoy Pocky day this year?



Published on 11 Dec 2019, 15:24

Pocky is a popular and familiar snack to the young people in Japan. They are cookie sticks fully coated with flavorful and colorful layers made from chocolate, strawberry, milk or green tea. Pocky is a well-known product of Ezaki Glico Corporation which possesses famous and giant billboard called Glico Man located in the center of Dotonbori, Osaka.

It is so easy to find a box of Pocky in any supermarkets or convenience stores year round. However, Pocky seems to become a cute symbol of the confectionary industry in every 11 November. The Japanese people made this day to be the Pocky Day.

Pocky section in supermarket on Pocky day
Pocky section in supermarket on Pocky day

One of my Japanese friends clearly explained to me why they chose Pocky to be the name and icon of this special day: the slender shape of Pocky sticks. When we place Pocky sticks together we can think of all the numbers of 11.11 right away. To celebrate Pocky day, everyone will buy and exchange different flavors of Pocky packs.Pocky stick is delicious with lovely packaging so it's no doubt that everyone loves it!

Banner stands for Pocky day
Banner stands for Pocky day

Normally many big supermarkets decorate and prepare for Pocky Day about a week in advance. I came to supermarket on Pocky day to buy a few boxes to give it as a gift to my friends. I was so overwhelmed just right after I entered the place. All the supermarkets and convenience stores were beautifully decorated and Pocky sections with dozens of flavors were all available for everyone to shop. It took me almost 30 minutes to choose a few with interesting flavors. I wanted to try new flavors and also made a big surprise to my friends. This year, I found a very unusual flavor that I had never tasted before: Almond. The almonds were finely ground, mixed with chocolate and well coated to the sticks. It leveled up the crunchiness of the sticks and I really loved it! Because I experienced Pocky Day 2 times only, I could not find and taste all flavors of those sticks. In the future, I will definitely try as many flavors as possible and share with you guys!

Different flavors of Pocky
Different flavors of Pocky

The Japanese people are very fond of Pocky because it's not only tasty with cute packaging but its price is also inexpensive. One box with 50 sticks divided in 2 or 4 small packs is only roughly 100 yen (tax included). Additionally, when we buy Pocky in big supermarkets, we have a chance to receive some small gifts as Pocky balloons or adorable Pocky stickers. Needless to say, the price per Pocky box is so affordable to all ages. No matter you are an employee or a university student with low monthly income as we are, or a student with limited allowances from parents, you are still able to buy and gift some Pocky boxes to your friends and beloved relatives.Then all can enjoy a happy Pocky day together. I and my classmates in university exchanged colorful Pocky boxes and play some games to get more. Pocky Day is a lovely and colorful festival in Japan.

Pocky Day now is a part of the culture, a big festival, an annual event on every November 11 in Japan. Give a Pocky to a friend and receive another on this special day made me so happy. Let's enjoy a meaningful Pocky day in Japan in your own way!




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