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Eat, eat, eat at Yanaka Ginza


Eat, eat, eat at Yanaka Ginza

Let us take you on a trip around Yanaka Ginza where we explore the hidden and not so hidden gems in the nooks and crannies of this wonderful area~



Published on 10 Jul 2021, 12:00

If you are looking for a more "shitamachi", a more nostalgic old-fashioned Japanese shopping street, this place is for you.

The street is about a 5 minutes walk from JR Nippori Station. There is a very famous photo spot called Yuyake Dandan where you can take beautiful pictures of the flight of stairs leading to the street and the sun setting behind it.

The street is about 175m long, with a variety of small shops which sell traditional souvenirs, exciting cafes, and food stands that serve piping hot local food.

One of the best decisions I made when we decided to go is to eat a light breakfast before going.

When you want to eat a big meal or lots of things, the tip is to eat something beforehand so that your stomach doesn't get a shock.

Don't leave it empty for too long, or else you will find yourself eating even lesser than you thought you could.

First up! The most famous Menchi Katsu

(minced meat mixed with onion and deep-fried in a coating of breadcrumbs)

Many famous Japanese stars have eaten it, and it's probably been on a lot of media, especially TV appearances.

Pictures of the shop weren't allowed, so here is a picture of the Beef Menchi Katsu that I had. It was SO good. The kind that makes you miss the juiciness and can't wait to go back to eat it again.

We ate by the roadside, and there was no rubbish bin in sight, so I had to hold onto it for a while.

Beef Menchi Katsu
Beef Menchi Katsu

Then we went to the other famous thing: Kakigori

Even at noon, we assumed it would be lunch hour; there was already quite a queue.

The menu is passed down the line, and the staff will come and collect your order and payment. And then you will be directed to your seats, and your choice of Kakigori will come.

Himitsudo Kakigori Speciality Shop
Himitsudo Kakigori Speciality Shop

If you are worried if you can finish it or not, don't worry! This shop allows sharing. After thinking long and hard, we decided to share the Royal Milk Tea Caramel Kakigori.

We paid and waited to be directed to our seats. When we finally got to sit down, we poured ourselves a cup of water and waited for a few minutes as we watched them prepare. And then here it comes!

Royal Milk Tea Caramel Kakigori
Royal Milk Tea Caramel Kakigori

It was actually really good. The cream on top was light and fluffy. The rich taste of the royal milk tea was deep into the ice and not just the surface. It wasn't too sweet either.

Unfortunately, I don't know if it is probably our age or because it was really cold eating this much ice that we couldn't finish it. The two junior high school girls who were in front of us went for one each drank everything to the last drop. Amazing.

Last but not least, this is slightly off the street to the left, so if you are feeling a little more adventurous, let's go to Fukumaru Manju!

Fukumaru Manju
Fukumaru Manju

I bought the Kokutou Manju, which is the (brown sugar) Manju. It comes in a pack of 10 at only JPY110! What a wonderful teatime snack it would make!

I was so full from the kakigori that I brought it back to eat. The red bean paste inside wasn't too sweet, and there was a light fragrance of brown sugar. Very nice. My friend bought the Karinto Manjyu, and here's a picture of it.

Karintou Manjyu
Karintou Manjyu

I am not sure if it's because of the virus or because it was a weekday, but there were no queues most of the time. The street was relatively quiet, so it was a very good experience to enjoy myself without being an inconvenience to anyone.

I can't wait to come back and try the many other kinds of food this street has to offer.

See you guys next time!



I love eating and traveling. Always in search for the next good place for food and beautiful views. Come join me on my adventures!


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