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Fukuoka Tower – Mirror Sail


Fukuoka Tower – Mirror Sail

As an "Asian Pacific Expo (Yokatopia)" monument, built in 1989 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Fukuoka city government, the Fukuoka Tower rises above the modern and busy city of Fukuoka like a big sail.



Published on 11 Dec 2019, 12:21

Whether during the day or at night, the half-mirrors covering the whole tower glitter and dazzle. That's why people in Fukuoka call it "mirror sail".

I had the opportunity to visit the largest seaside tower in Japan in Fukuoka. With the height of 234m the tower is so overwhelmingly tall and with its triangle cross-section where all three sides are mirrored you can have a panoramic view of Fukuoka City, Hakata Bay, Waterfront and the mountains in the background.

The opening hours for this attraction are 9:30 am to 10 pm. I really enjoyed coming here and experiencing the beauty of Fukuoka from above. My family consists of 4 people, so we took a taxi from the hotel straight to the tower. From our hotel at Yoshizuka Station to the Fukuoka Tower it just took about 20 minutes by taxi.

When we arrived, the taxi driver directly dropped us at the lobby of the tower, so we didn’t have to walk that much. The first floor of the building is the place where they sell tickets. The fare here is not too expensive, 800 yen/adult, 500 yen/children from 6-15 years, 200 yen/children from 4-5 years and 500 yen/person over 65 years. However, all of my family are foreigners and we all brought our passports, every one of us got 20% off the entrance fee.

And one more interesting thing that I was told by the ticket seller is that there is a special promotion of the Fukuoka Tower for those who have their birthday on that day, receiving a present with an Original birthday card (I think this is a small gift with a birthday greeting card with special images and details of the Fukuoka Tower.) This promotion program is applied on the birthday itself or 3 days before or after. That’s why you should bring your passport or any ID card to get a discount.

Large telescopes
Large telescopes

The Fukuoka Tower has 3 observation decks: one on at 116 meters, one is a café and lounge at a height of 120 meters and the highest deck is 123 meters above the ground. My family spent more than 2 hours here to have enough time to visit all three decks and for taking photos. The observation decks are equipped with large telescopes, so visitors can zoom further. As I can remember, each time using these telescopes you have to put 100 yen/~10 minutes into the machine.

Seeing the panoramic view over Fukuoka from the tower is really nice, that’s why no one of my family wanted to go home. After taking photos at the observatory, my family stopped at a restaurant at 120 meters to enjoy lunch. They have a wide variety of food here, including Japanese and Western dishes. The prices at this restaurant are quite high, ranging from 1000-3000 yen per person depending on the food. But having lunch on that height and enjoying the scenery was really worth it.

Having lunch in Fukuoka tower
Having lunch in Fukuoka tower

The Fukuoka Tower is a famous and centrally located tourist spot within easy reach and that’s why a lot of visitors come here. My family went there in the middle of the week and at noon, so fortunately it wasn’t too crowded. We had the chance to take many beautiful photos and enjoy all the services here without any pushing. You can go at the same time as my family did, so your visit can be much more comfortable. In addition, I have a few good tips for you when visiting the tower: The entrance ticket of Fukuoka tower can be only used once, so if you go to the upper floors of the tower and then want to go down to the first floor again, the ticket won’t be valid anymore and you have to buy a new one to go up to the tower. Moreover, the upper floors of the tower don’t have any restrooms, so remember to go to the toilet on the first floor before going up to the tower.

There are many other interesting attractions on the sites of the Fukuoka Tower such as the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, the Fukuoka City Museum and the Maizuru Park. But because my family already spent a lot of time inside the Fukuoka Tower, we couldn’t visit all the other places. But I’m absolutely sure that there will be an extra section on my to-do list only for places to visit here in the future.

My family had an exciting time at the Fukuoka Tower. So, if you visit Fukuoka, don’t miss this wonderful place!




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