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Funabashi Andersen Park


Funabashi Andersen Park

Funabashi Andersen Park is ranked number three among themed parks in Japan. The vast playground is like heaven for children because children's activities range from slides to, most extensive obstacle courses, or rolling lawns, and more.

sheryl anne dicman

sheryl anne dicman

Published on 06 Nov 2021, 12:00

Funabashi Andersen Park
Funabashi Andersen Park

Funabashi Andersen Park needs hours for you to be able to check all through the place. It also resembles Denmark because of the building structures and the windmill, which you can see in the park. The park is enormous; children won't be the only ones to enjoy the park and adults. It will also be a perfect place for a date and family.

I remember upon entering the park, I felt like I entered an enormous secret garden or even yet a storybook. A storybook that was in my imagination when I was a little kid, a dreamy place to walk around and to enjoy the scenery surrounded by colorful flowers.

Besides the windmill, we enjoyed a mini picnic with my family on the ground covered with grass, I think it is a very classic way to have lunch when you lay a blanket and have a basket of food while enjoying nature.

Walking in the park with the natural scenery

Funabashi Andersen Park
Funabashi Andersen Park

The park is appreciated by not only the visitors but also the natives who live nearby. You can stroll over the park only for 900 yen. I was surprised that it did not cost that much. The price is still the same even though you are going late to the park, so it is better to go early since the park closes at 16:00 and 17:00 only during weekends.

The tranquility and the serenity of this park are what I appreciate the most. There are different kinds of flowers. Some roses bloom during the spring season. My favorite time to visit this place is during Autumn, I just really think its the best place to enjoy the orangey and yellowish surroundings.

I think I have fallen in love with this place and the refreshing vibes that this park gives me. It is one of the best places also to enjoy walking while having a beautiful scene.

I have visited this park twice, my first visit was with my family, then the second was by myself but I was never bothered to go around this park alone. It was still worth my time.

Enjoy Boating in the lake & Have Tea After

Funabashi Andersen Park

I enjoyed the fresh air just by sitting on a boathouse deck while sipping tea and seeing the overlooking lake with people riding on a boat. This place does not need to have music playing in the background because the sound of the chirping birds is relaxing.

I had a wonderful experience riding on the boat, it brought back a nostalgic memory in my hometown in the Philippines. I was also surprised that there were fishes in the lake. Being out on the water also is like an escape from the busyness of the city, and the warmth of the sun felt good.

Boating Fee: 300 yen for 30 mins (Manual paddle boat)

(A life vest for children is also provided, so there won't be worries when riding with your little kids)

Seeing The Whole View of The Lake

Funabashi Andersen Park

You can see the full view of the lake by standing on the bridge that you can see from the boathouse. From here, you will be able to see many trees surrounding the lake. I like to stand here for a moment and breath in some air. It is also an excellent spot for a photo.

Children Play Ground

The playground is enormous. There is a pond where during summer, children can enjoy the water. They enjoy getting soak wet, swimming or splashing the water.

Of course, grownups also enjoy the fun with their children. My nephew enjoyed this spot the most because he loves playing with water, I was also a kid for a moment while playing with my nephew in this pond. Just make sure to bring with you extra clothes.

There are also big slides and other exciting activities children will love in this playground. It was difficult for us to leave because I know that my nephew couldn't get enough of his amusement.

Funabashi Andersen Park

I recommend everyone who drops by Chiba Prefecture to visit this park. It will surely capture your heart and the young heart inside you. It is nice to go with family or friends, and even if you visit the place by yourself, I still guarantee you that you will enjoy your visit.

What I enjoy most is its serenity. I enjoy reading a book in this park while having breathtaking scenery. My favorite view was on the boathouse deck because from there, you can see the whole view of the lake.

It is a bit difficult to look for the place, but it will be easier if you get down at Andersen Koen when taking a bus.


It takes an hour from Tokyo.

There is a bus from Misaki Station going to Andersen Park which only cost 190 yen.

Website: English Website

Holliday: Every Mondays (please check the website in case of changes)

sheryl anne dicman

sheryl anne dicman

Hi! I am Sheryl, I am now living in Chiba, Japan the neighbor city of Tokyo. Im an adventurist who loves to explore places, learn new things and discover new cuisines. My passion includes writing, painting, fashion and travel.

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