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How to find and call a Taxi in Japan?


How to find and call a Taxi in Japan?

This time, let me share with you how to find and call a taxi in Japan so your journey to explore this country can be much easier!



Published on 03 Dec 2020, 12:00

I used to live far away from Tokyo city. At that time, taxi was always my priority when I had to rush to an appointment, go with a group of friends or carry all those cumbersome luggage to the airport to return to my country.

1/ How to find a Taxi

When I was a newcomer to Japan, I was also confused as to how to call a taxi. After several times trying and getting help from a lot of Japanese friends, I gradually got used to it and also got to love this means of transportation.

There are many ways to call a taxi, but today I will introduce the ones that I know:

  • Next time when you are at the train station closest to your house, ask for the phone number of those taxis waiting outside the station. Create a new contact list with those numbers in your mobile phone.
  • Look up タ ク シ ー (takushii) plus the name of your city online

For example, I live in Shinjuku so I will type takushii shinjuku so as to find the information regarding which taxis I can call to book them to come pick me up.

  • Use the search engine on websites such as

Those websites are in Japanese but they are easy to browse. Select the name of the Prefecture, then the City where you live. Sometimes you also have to choose a Ward. Then, the taxi company list will appear - you can pick any company in this list (and save one or more to your mobile phone contact for later use).

  • You can ask someone to call a taxi for you if you are at a business place

For example, when I stay at a hotel during my travel, they will do this for me. All I have to say is 「タ ク シ ー を よ ん で く だ さ い」 (takushii o yonde kudasai).

2/ How to call a taxi

Once you have the contact number of a taxi, call that number. If someone picks up your phone call, try saying such phrases in Japanese:

How to find and call a Taxi in Japan?

You should tell them your address in Japanese (or a popular spot in the surrounding area) then they can estimate the time it may take them to reach your place.

From my experience, Japanese taxi drivers usually don't speak English well. The majority will speak in Japanese so I think memorizing the above Japanese sentences will be of use to you when you communicate with them.

The real conversations may be a little different, so try to repeat and speak slowly so that they can hear clearly.

How to reach your destination?

Once you get on a taxi, the driver can ask your destination by asking:

「ど ち ら へ?」(dochira e?) or 「ど ち ら へ い き ま す か?「 (dochira e ikimasu ka?)

Tell them (or show them) your destination. You can say:

the name of the place + 「お ね が い し ま す」 (onegaishimasu)

If you show them the address, you can say 「こ こ へ 行 っ て く だ さ い」 (koko e itte kudasai).

If that address is hard to figure out, they may ask for other spots in its surrounding, or you can show them the way when you are getting closer.

Some Japanese phrases below can be helpful to you:

How to find and call a Taxi in Japan?

Regardless of how expensive it might cost, I hope now you can get to your destinations or do what you need to do. See you in our upcoming articles!



Everything in Japan is different from cultures, behaviors, people,..I admire every bit of it. So I want to tell you about my Japan experiences through my stories here. Hope you enjoy it as same as me !!! @@@

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