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Ideal places for couples who are in love


Ideal places for couples who are in love

Back then when I was a university student in AOF, behind our campus there was a romantic garden - a popular dating site for couples in our school. I suddenly recall some places in Japan that people with partners might love so much...



Published on 16 May 2021, 12:00

The Japanese Romantic Suspension Bridge

This bridge has its own official name: Yume no Tsuribashi. It is located in Haibara District, Shizuoka Prefecture. I heard from a friend that in Japan, there is a legend saying ''Stand in the middle of this bridge and pray for good chances in love, you wish will eventually come true''.

If the locals hadn't shared with me, I wouldn't have known of that legend. But as I was there with my boyfriend, there was no reason why we wouldn't make our wishes standing in the middle of the bridge.

There is a unique characteristic that makes this bridge special - its capacity is just 11 people maximum. That's why there was already a long line of visitors queuing when we arrived. It took us more than 30 minutes for our turn to come.

Ideal places for couples who are in love

This suspension bridge is surrounded by a lot of hot springs. I can't remember all of their names, but Sumatakyo Onsen is the single one I can recall as I had a chance to drop by there after getting on the bridge. Queuing and waiting for a long time wore us out, hence it was a great idea to take a bath at a hot spring.

** Tip: Buying a wooden board (priced 1000 JPY) at a souvenir store saved my Onsen ticket's expense. This board was equal to a 1000 JPY coupon that allowed me to bathe in any bathtubs of Sumatakyo Onsen.

Sensoji Temple in Tokyo

Many tourists have probably heard of this temple along with its traditional custom of fortune-telling and also its popularity being a sacred symbol of Tokyo.

Ideal places for couples who are in love

But not many have known there also exists a shrine named Kume no Heinai-do.

I personally believe if we would love to dig deeply into a culture or custom of a country, we should definitely find a local resident to be our companion. Had it not been for my Japanese friend, I would have missed a lot of interesting things.

Kume no Heinai-do
Kume no Heinai-do
There is also a long-standing legend in Kume no Heinai-do Shrine that if someone comes and respectfully delivers their wishes for love through a letter, their wishes will come true and their strings with their loved one will be tightened.

The funny part was that, when I was about to write my letter, I suddenly realized that if I had written in Vietnamese, the Gods would not be able to understand my worries and my hopes.

So I and my boyfriend decided to ask for help from our Japanese companion. It was a bit awkward to get someone else write down your own wishes, but fortunately, it still worked. Two years since then, our relationship has really been blossoming.

Making glass couple mugs at Sumida Edo Kiriko Shop

This shop is located on Taihei Road, Sumida-ku, Tokyo. While I used to experience making ceramic mug in Bat Trang Pottery Village in Vietnam, in Japan I was lucky to have another chance to make a glass mug myself and decorate it as I liked.

Just as crafting ceramics, it was extremely difficult to create a qualified mug on your own without help from the skilled craftsmen.

What's different between making ceramics and glass is that you have to put on a pair of protective glasses to prevent splinters from hitting your eyes. I couldn't wear my near-sighted glasses at the same time with those protective glasses, so my vision was a bit blurred. As a result, shaping my mug became a bigger challenge.

A price of 4000 JPY per person for one handmade mug might seem not so within budget, but I think this experience is worth it even for the choosiest customers. Of course, normally I can buy a whole tea set with this amount of money but this time I satisfactorily got a unique pair of couple mugs entrusted with our sincere mutual love.


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Ideal places for couples who are in love

Back then when I was a university student in AOF, behind our campus there was...

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