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Japan on the first day I arrived


Japan on the first day I arrived

Recalling the disorienting memory of my first day in Japan when I first flew to a strange yet familiar country. The day I will probably never forget.

Hiền Cherry Trần

Hiền Cherry Trần

Published on 11 Jun, 12:00

Studying abroad has been my dream for a long time and after many years of hard work, I finally fulfilled that dream. Currently, I am living and working in Chiba - Japan. Time sure does fly and now I have been living here for 4 years ever since the first day I came to Japan bewildered.

Friday, April 13, 2018, I left the place I called home for more than 18 years for a new adventure in a foreign country. On the day I left, many of my friends and relatives came to see me off, I hugged them one by one.

There wasn’t any crying on the day, it's not that I didn’t feel any sadness, but I really thought: "If I cry now, everyone will cry more, I have to be strong to make everyone feel secure." And I brought that strength, holding the tears in.

After going inside, I recognized a friend of mine that was going on the same flight. We have known each other since we talked in a group at the language school. She was accompanied by two other friends who I felt familiar with even at the first meeting. We took some pictures together as a memento to kill some time during the boarding time.

When looking at the picture, I accidentally discovered a handsome guy in the frame, and coincidentally, that friend was an acquaintance of my best friend. Just now outside, my friend pointed him out to me, and I confidently announced to her:

-If we went to the same school, I would flirt with him.

It was just a joke, but when I went inside, I was a bit afraid but fortunately, the guy was only on the same flight, not in the same class.

The guy I was talking about
The guy I was talking about

After more than 6 hours on the plane, we finally landed safely at Narita airport, our arrival time was earlier than planned. I took my luggage to go out, I didn't sit with Ngan but sat with three people from the same company as me.

I brought a small suitcase and left it in the overhead compartment so I couldn't get it, fortunately, a staff member helped me with that. I went outside to meet up with Ngan and Huyen.

We took pictures at the airport along the way, the three of us knew that we had arrived earlier than planned, so we were very relaxed, laughing and talking. In contrast with other people walking quickly and, in a hurry, we were having fun while having to carry heavy luggage.

Narita Airport
Narita Airport

After strolling around for a while, I had to go inside to check-in, and I really didn't expect it to be so crowded. One by one, people lined up to apply for a residence card.

It was the first time I came to Japan, so we just followed and imitated what other people do as we knew nothing. After filling out the registration form, we stood in line waiting for our turn.

I didn’t think that I would have to take a portrait picture for the documentation but fortunately, I did spend some time taking care of my face so that I would need to suffer from an ugly photo for my officials.

After a long waiting time, finally, it was my turn. I went in, just sat down, didn't have time to do anything, the photographer told me it was done, I was frozen for a few seconds, then went out to make way for the other friends. Fortunately, the photo on my residence card was nice, if not I would have had it hidden as soon as possible!

I took the card and went out to get my luggage. After going through the security gate, I saw that my school had sent someone to pick up students who had registered to stay at the dormitory while I had to wait for my uncle's friends to come.

I'm at Narita airport
I'm at Narita airport

Finally, after many days of waiting, I was finally able to set foot in Japan and fulfill my childhood dream, to be an international student in a foreign land.

Hiền Cherry Trần

Hiền Cherry Trần

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