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Japanese highlights through 5 famous movies and series


Japanese highlights through 5 famous movies and series

The best movies and series on Netflix that helped me learn more about Japanese culture and people in an easy, convenient, and comfortable manner right in my beloved home

Chau Anh

Chau Anh

Published on 10 Sep 2020, 12:00

Explore the Japanese minimalist lifestyle through the series "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo"

When watching the trailer of "Tidying up with Marie Kondo", you can easily realize that Kondo was instructing American families to rearrange their living spaces and put things back where they belong.

Yes, we were born and would die empty-handed; or in other words, we were born to live in minimalism. "The Japanese minimalist lifestyle" is becoming a trend in many countries and is being favored by many people, and I am no exception.

Let's put it this way, if something cannot bring me joy, I should not leave it in my house. Stand up, stop worrying, start living, and arrange everything. The less we worry, the better life will become.

Most of the young Japanese, in modern times, prefer the minimalist lifestyle and only possess a few items in their house. However, this method is not always applicable, because, for some people, life would be easier with a little mess.

Nevertheless, in my opinion, in a country that is often affected by earthquakes and natural disasters, the minimalist lifestyle in the "Land of the Rising Sun" has helped Japanese people make the most of their living space, at the same time enjoy their life and pay more attention to their happiness. :D

Travel around Japan through the movie "Your name"

Regarding this movie, apart from a little melancholy in the plot, emotive story details, and its original soundtrack, there are many reasons that make me fall in love with this super hit.

When mentioning a good movie, just by searching for the hashtag Your Name, I can "go on a virtual ride" to a bunch of famous tourist destinations in Japan, namely the Overpass at Shinanomachi Station, Suga Shrine, Aogashima Island, Nation Art Center Tokyo (Tokyo), or Hida-Sannogu Hie Shrine and Lake Suwa in Nagano, etc.

With a dreamy vibe in each brushstroke that can convey the concept of "predestined" love of East Asians, Your Name is the best-selling fantasy romance cartoon of all time!

If I have the chance to go to Japan, I will definitely fly to these breathtaking places to take some pictures. :D

Visit a magical hot spring through the movie "Spirited Away"

According to Shinto, even inanimate objects have a life force that lives with traditional Japanese folk music.

"Spirited away" became one of my favorites not only because of its world of magic but also because of its lovely cartoon characters and astounding animation frames.

What can be more wonderful than this! After watching this movie, I became curious and immediately researched a lot about Aburaya, the main context of the movie. This model of the public bathroom is also the original version of Onsen (hot spring) in Japan!!

Explore Japanese culture through the animation series Rilakkuma and Kaoru

Though each episode is only 10-20 minutes long, Japanese animes always have a way to convey stories with profound human values to the audience.

With a slow pace and lots of cuteness, Rilakkuma and Kaoru is a wonderful anime. Its stories not only remind me of my memories of childhood but also convey many valuable messages about life.

It is the loneliness of young people in adulthood, as well as the behavioral culture of the Japanese through summer festivals or cherry blossom viewing activities, etc.

Discover Japanese cuisine from simple joy through the movie Samurai Gourmet

This movie was inspired by Japanese dishes such as gyudon (beef bowl), ramen, and yakitori, etc, or even the home-made instant noodles.

The message of Samurai Gourmet is expressed through the story about Takeshi's simple life with a quest to find a simple joy for himself after retiring.

Besides making my belly grumble, the truthful and neat details of the movie helped me understand one thing:

Finding joy for yourselves seems to be simple, but it is actually not very easy, especially for adults.
Chau Anh

Chau Anh



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