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Let’s go to the Universal Studios - Osaka


Let’s go to the Universal Studios - Osaka

With a unique color in the heart of the magnificent Osaka, the Universal Studios theme park is a magnet attracting more and more young Japanese and tourists to come here. What's so cool about the Universal Studios? Come with me and discover by yourself!



Published on 11 Dec 2019, 12:22

I had a trip to Osaka on Christmas 2018. From Fukuoka to Osaka I needed about 15 hours by high-speed bus. Going by plane or boat, as Christmas is a big festival in Japan and it was the beginning of the new year, would cost much more than usual, about 2 to 3 times more than on normal days. It’s very nice to take high-speed buses in Japan. They run smoothly and extremely safely although running in the middle of the night. I could sleep during the whole trip in the big and comfortable bus seat. I stayed in Osaka for 4 days and I decided to spend a whole day at the Universal Studios.

Email from the website I booked the ticket for the high-speed bus confirming the departure time, number of passengers and pick-up point
Email from the website I booked the ticket for the high-speed bus confirming the departure time, number of passengers and pick-up point

We took the train from the homestay to the park entrance which costs about 300-400 yen. The Universal Studios opens at 8am and closes at 9pm. Because the Universal Studios are busy all year long, you have to queue for a long time to buy tickets and play games. So, my group decided to leave early in the morning (we left the house at 7:30am and it took about 30 minutes to get there) to avoid crowds at the ticket counter and to have more time playing different games. But when we arrived, it also took 30-40 minutes to buy tickets because it was too crowded.

There are many types of tickets, you can choose the tickets that fit the games you want to play. Our group consists of 5 people and because we wanted to play different games, we split into two small groups to buy two different tickets.

An Express Pass is for those who don’t want to stand in line for exciting adventure games that always attract a lot of people. But the price is twice as high as for other ticket types. I don't like playing adventure games, so I bought a normal ticket for 7800 yen. The ticket price was cheaper, but the restriction was that I had to queue for a long time in each game. You should buy a ticket that's suits you best to save money and allow you to play all of your favorite games!

Universal in winter
Universal in winter

The Universal Studios theme park - Osaka is like a miniature movie city with games inspired by very famous movies like Jaws, Harry Potter, Minion or Jurassic Park, ... although I just bought a normal ticket and I had to queue for a long time, about 1-2 hours, I tried to wait and to play a few famous games at Universal Studios such as Harry Potter or Jaws and to watch the water theatre with a colourful play of Hollywood movies, ... !

For example, I was standing in line for more than two hours to visit Harry Potter's famous magic school Hogwarts, my favorite movie from childhood. A new world opened, where the scenes are reproduced just like in the movie. I'm sure it's not just me, but every Harry Potter fan wants to put on a power cloak and try holding a magic wand once in lifetime, right? However, it’s a pity that in the theme park it isn’t allowed to take pictures or film. I think it's probably because people want to absolutely secure the images and details in the studio, so they can always create a new feeling and surprise all visitors.

Locomotive to Hogwarts
Locomotive to Hogwarts

In addition, we also enjoyed the Butterbeer, the famous beer at Cai Vac Lung pub that the witches in the story once tasted and which is also famous here. A little tip I want to give you when trying this beer in the Harry Potter game area. There are two Butterbeer stalls, but the one near the entrance is always crowded. I think because everyone entering the gate directly sees it and immediately wants to buy one. But if you go further inside, you’ll find another stall selling Butterbeer where it’s less crowded and where you’ll save your time!

The total costs for my discovery day here were quite high, about 15,000 yen ~ 20,000 yen, because we stayed all day, from 7:30am to 8pm when we went back to the homestay. Thus, we also had food expenses (note that you can’t bring food from outside, it will be checked carefully by the staff). However, I still think that the money I spent was worth it, because I was having a lot of fun!

Hot Butterbeer
Hot Butterbeer

Universal Studios - Osaka is truly a place worth visiting. We had a great day, went to these places and met the characters of our favorite movie. In the future I will go to Osaka and I will visit the Universal Studios again. See you there!




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