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Max and Son's Coffee Roaster - A Hidden Gem in Funabashi


Max and Son's Coffee Roaster - A Hidden Gem in Funabashi

When People hear about Funabashi, they might imagine a ship or the well-known shopping mall, Lalaport. I am here to tell you that Funabashi also has unique cafes where you can enjoy your latte early in the morning with beautiful sun rays.

sheryl anne dicman

sheryl anne dicman

Published on 15 Jul 2021, 12:00
The first thing you will see upon arriving the coffee shop
The first thing you will see upon arriving the coffee shop

Max and Son's Coffee

The cafe is located in Kanehori Machi, which is an hour from the central city in Funabashi. It is not a usual cafe shop where I always go where it's super busy, people rushing to get their coffee to catch their bus or train; instead, it felt peaceful.

Suppose you will ask me what made it feel peaceful. The trees surrounded the cafe, the flowers, the rays of the sun, and most especially the birds chirping. Going to this cafe took me an hour by bus, but I believe it was worth my travel.

Upon nearing the restaurant after an hour by bus, it suddenly gave me the peace I needed. It was like an escape from the busy city, it felt like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, and all I can think of is to look for an excellent spot to sit down and order what to drink and what to eat made me more excited.

The coffee shop serves, snacks to drinks, and of course coffee. They offer a lot of selection to choose from while you enjoy relaxing. They also serve unique roast coffee beans such as Waialua, Brazil, Columbia, Mandheling etc.

For coffee, the price is from 500 yen to 700 yen and for their light meal it cost from 600 yen to 1,000 yen. They also serve pasta which cost from 1,100 ~ 1,300 yen. I think everything is affordable. It wont cost you much to enjoy your meal or coffee while enjoying a serene atmosphere.

Royal Milk Tea and Butter Toast with Jam and Salad
Royal Milk Tea and Butter Toast with Jam and Salad

The Royal milk tea I have ordered was amazingly tasty; the cream was perfect with the tea. I also noticed that their teacups with its saucers were all in different styles, unique and classic compared to the usual coffee shops.

While the Butter toast with jam and salad that I ordered was also good, the bread was toasty and soft; it was perfect with the milk tea while I enjoyed the natural sounds of chirps of the birds.

Try their cake set too. You can choose from any cakes, and it also goes with a drink. It only costs 850 yen. Romantic afternoon tea will be perfect here.

A dreamy backyard
A dreamy backyard
There was a family who arrived and was happy about the place. They were saying that the coffee shop was romantic. I agree with them.

Since the back yard is also vast, people come here too with their dogs while enjoying some peaceful time. Or if you are like me who loves to try different unique cafes, you will also enjoy your time alone here, and I guarantee you that. I believe it is also a perfect place where you can work with your laptop with you.

The cafe shop may be a little bit far from Funabashi's center, but you will surely enjoy this dreamy cafe shop. They also have a menu written in English, and the staffs were friendly.

I mistakenly ordered something that I was ashamed about, but they were still very nice, saying it was their miss even though it was honestly my fault. The people who work there are indeed lovely people who are as well very welcoming to foreigners.

Address: 578-1 Kanehori machi funabashi, Chiba 274-0054

Open: 10:00am ~ 7:00pm (closed every Wednesday)

Phone number: 81 1 047 457 8842

Website: English website of max and son's coffee (Please check their website to see their information in case of some changes about their holiday)

Access: From Funabashi Station take TOBU line going to Kashiwa and get down at Shin-Kamagaya Station. Change train Shin-keisei Line going to Keisei Tsudanuma and get down at Misaki Station. Take the bus from Misaki station going to Secomedic Biyoin and drop down at Toyotomi Nokyo mae. The Coffee shope is 4 mins walk from where you'll get off.

sheryl anne dicman

sheryl anne dicman

Hi! I am Sheryl, I am now living in Chiba, Japan the neighbor city of Tokyo. Im an adventurist who loves to explore places, learn new things and discover new cuisines. My passion includes writing, painting, fashion and travel.

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