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Most suitable part-time jobs for international students


Most suitable part-time jobs for international students

Most Vietnamese students seek the chance to study abroad in Japan by studying hard to win a scholarship. However, despite getting a full scholarship, international students still have many other costs to cover. The best way to not depend too much on parents is to work!



Published on 05 May 2021, 15:00

My own experience with a manual job in the evening with a salary of 800¥/hour: Washing dishes

After quitting the shipper job, I did not want to get a long-term job but to spend a few months resting. It did not mean that I would not do anything. Instead, I chose a part-time job as a dishwasher staff in a small restaurant for three months.

During that time, I was able to relax, at the same time still making money to cover my daily living expenses. With the previous job, I worked in Tokyo and rent a room there so when looking for a dish-washing job, I prioritized Tokyo so that I did not have to move.

Though it was a small restaurant, it was located on a crowded street filled with people and tourists, so they were coming and leaving endlessly.

Even there was a dish-washing machine, the dish-washing staff could not use it at all guys!

Most suitable part-time jobs for international students

The hard part of this job is that the restaurant could not hire a long-term employee. That's why I usually had to combat "huge piles of dishes" by myself.

Three months may sound like a short time, but it actually was not. Many Vietnamese students quit this job after 2 or 3 days or a week.

Every day, when the clock hit 22:30, I would still be working in a corner of the kitchen with piles of dishes. Sometimes I wanted to finish work fast to get home early, but after 10 pm, I would receive overtime salary, so I kept working.

The salary in Tokyo is often higher than that in other regions, I was paid 800¥/hour and 1000¥/hour for working overtime. Even when I only worked overtime for 15-30 minutes every day, I would still receive the full salary and bonus at the end of the month.

Back then, every day, from 10 pm onwards, I would feel extremely discouraged because the shop was closed and there was only Vietnamese staff staying back to wash the dishes. Japanese staff often did not work in this position so they often cleaned up to leave before 10 pm.

This is not a high-paid job, but it offers the opportunity to move to another position with a higher salary in a short time.

Only 3 months later, my boss promoted me to be the cashier. However, I had no intention of sticking to this job for a long time, so I resigned.

The job that does not require good Japanese proficiency: Making Bento at the factory

Every time I come to the supermarket or combini, I see nice pre-made lunch boxes arranged neatly in a fridge. Sometimes I wonder, are these bento boxes made by the supermarket staff themselves, or are they imported from elsewhere?

The answer suggests a very cool part-time job. In many factories in Japan such as bento or cold noodle ones, they have a "super huge'' equipment system consisting of 8 -10 conveyors running at the same time and nonstop 24/7.

These automatic machines still require human contribution, thus creating a great demand for jobs for young shift workers.

Pre-made boxes like this are made in bento factories
Pre-made boxes like this are made in bento factories

There are three shifts: morning, afternoon, and night shift because no one can work all three shifts like a machine, right? The salary for the morning shift is always lower than that for the night shift (about 900¥/hour) because working at night is quite harmful to our health in the long term, in return, the salary for the night shift is about 1200¥/hour.

This job requires continuous recruitment, so these factories often collaborate with universities to recruit new foreign students. It is also especially suitable for those who are not proficient in Japanese.

The job mainly for "men": Newspaper delivery

''Newspaper delivery'' is a pretty common job in Japan - a country with a high level of education and an inquisitive population. Japanese people have the habit of reading newspapers every day, so the demand for newspaper delivery staff is always high.

This work sounds quite simple, but it is actually not.

People cycling to deliver newspapers is a familiar sight on many streets in Japan
People cycling to deliver newspapers is a familiar sight on many streets in Japan

First of all, to be eligible to undertake the newspaper delivery job, international students must be physically well-prepared and proficient in Japanese to read the map.

Before, there was a second-year student living right next to my room doing this job. He told me he had to wake up early every day at 4 am to get newspapers and deliver them to a large neighbourhood. Besides, he always had to make sure all the newspapers were put into every house's mailbox before 7 am every day without any delay.

Since this job requires people to wake up early as well as a higher level of language compared to making Bento, the average hourly wage for newspaper delivery staff is over 1000¥.

Above are the jobs that my friends around me and I have done to earned a decent amount of money to cover a lot of expenses while living in Japan. Hopefully, this will help people make better decisions when choosing a part-time job!



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