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My favorite store - MUJI


My favorite store - MUJI

Each of us has an own list of favorite stores. For myself, MUJI has always been one of my favorite stores in Japan. So, please visit my favorite store to find interesting things here - MUJI.



Published on 27 Dec 2019, 13:36

Mujirushi Ryohin (無印良品), also known as MUJI, is a very popular retail chain in Japan selling consumer goods, household items and clothing having a simple but extremely beautiful Japanese design. Surely, this is not an unknown brand for Japanese people as well as long-term international students in Japan. For me, MUJI is a shopping paradise - my favorite store in Japan.

A small decorated area in a MUJI store
A small decorated area in a MUJI store

First of all, I want to tell you about the decoration of this special store. Most MUJI shops in Japan are uniquely decorated with white, brown and gray tones creating a cozy atmosphere. MUJI stores always give me a very close and warm feeling when coming here. Items are divided into categories and are arranged neatly on shelves to help customers find them easier. Moreover, whenever I go to MUJI I can smell a very special scent of citronella here. The staff places an aroma diffuser, not only to demonstrate samples for customers but also to create a pleasant aroma for the shop customers. In particular, MUJI provides small displays right inside the store. With these displays, customers can get inspired by more design ideas using MUJI products for their homes. Actually, this is a perfect and very successful advertising strategy of MUJI for attracting customers. The proof is a customer like me, completely immersed in the beauty of the MUJI store.

Shelf with aroma diffusers in MUJI
Shelf with aroma diffusers in MUJI

Besides the beautiful space which is attracting customers, MUJI's products are also really good. Most products of MUJI are designed in a minimalist style with less textures and in white, brown or gray color, giving me a sense of lightness but warmth at the same time. I already used many products from MUJI such as notebooks, pens, skincare products and other household items. The quality of the products here is pretty good too. However, the prices are not expensive because of the nice design and good quality. The prices are relatively moderate. Of course, not as low as the products in Daiso or the popular 100-yen stores in Japan, but everyone from adults with stable jobs to students like me can buy an item at MUJI. For example, I often choose to buy notebooks from MUJI that cost 100 yen/4 books with very good paper quality and minimalistic but extremely cute style. I have also tried skincare products, too. Generally prices range from 500 yen to 1500 yen depending on the type and I am as happy with the quality as with other skincare products on the market.

Shelf with cosmetic products in MUJI
Shelf with cosmetic products in MUJI

In addition, MUJI often has promotions from 10% to 30% for all products in stores on major holidays in Japan. I often look for this information on MUJI's homepage to be able to buy my favorite products at a much better price.

A Japanese friend told me that MUJI always promotes and attaches importance to the use of recycled plastic, avoids wasting in production and packaging and also minimizes printed logos on products to protect the environment. These meaningful works are also a plus point for MUJI in a time when the world is facing serious environmental crises.

Currently, MUJI has opened more retail stores in countries around the world such as Singapore, China, Australia, Philippines, European countries, ... and it is continuing to develop more stores in many new places in the future. A reputable brand from Japan with good quality, Japanese standard minimalist style and reasonable prices – so why not adding MUJI to the list of favorite stores, right?




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