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Studying in Japan from Home


Studying in Japan from Home

Due to the pandemic, prospective students are forced to study in Japan remotely at home, myself included.

Kyena Adara

Kyena Adara

Published on 22 Jul 2021, 15:03

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected each of us in many different ways, one of which is remote studying by group video calls. This has affected not only me but many other prospective students that are looking for entry in Japan.

With this, despite the past 6 months have been a rollercoaster ride for my mental well-being, I get to experience remotely studying abroad from my home in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Studying in Japan from Home

As borders close on us and we're all still stuck within the confines of our home, many students have suffered from the effects of remote studying.

Though, for some, this might be a blessing in disguise; not having to interact with your peers face-to-face and the beauty of doing schoolwork in your bedroom (personally, I like studying in empty cafés a lot more, though), etc.

To my surprise, my experience studying online wasn't so bad at all. Despite being robbed of my experience actually studying there for the past 6 months, thanks to my teachers and the staff in Japan, I get to study just as much as I would have remotely at home!

For context, I'm in a University Preparation Class at a popular language education center in Osaka.

I was very worried because I was afraid I wasn't getting the proper amount of studying time I was supposed to get, or my teachers would treat us online students differently but, genuinely speaking, it honestly feels like I'm in Japan despite being in my room.
Studying in Japan from Home

My teachers at school have really made the online experience very private so that they could focus on each group of students of the same level more than just combining the rest of us with students doing offline classes.

Each class had 5 or less students depending on the level of Japanese each respective student was at. Being in the same class with 2 other students will be more effective for me personally compared to being in a classroom with 10-15 other students.

I love it despite not being in the actual classroom, I get to still be interactive and my Japanese has improved tremendously in the past 5-6 months!

Not only that, utilizing social media platforms like LINE, I get to personally send messages to my teachers directly if there were questions regarding class material. Even getting to know my friends through other social media applications like WhatsApp or Instagram.

One of my teachers even took the time to edit and read my Japanese essays when she has the time! I'm very much grateful, and because of her, my Japanese writing skills have improved so much. I highly recommend trying to write diary entries or essays as practice for your Japanese language skills.

Giving special care and attention to students that are forced to study through video calls is extremely important, especially during times like these.
Studying in Japan from Home

To be frank, I had negative opinions regarding the idea of having classes online, but there's nothing I can do about it. Surprisingly, my Japanese language institute has made all my negative thoughts go away!

All my teachers always come to class with a positive attitude which motivates us, students, to be very interactive during class time. They even update us students with the current situation in Japan at the beginning of class just to keep us in the loop of what's going on.

They treat both online and offline students equally, so I've never once felt left out during the process of doing online classes in the past 6 months.

I'm very grateful to have chosen to further my education in Japan.

Despite the borders blocking us from physically entering Japan, I'm grateful my teachers are bridging my studying experience from Japan to Indonesia with ease.
Kyena Adara

Kyena Adara

I've been frequently traveling back and forth to Japan ever since I was 12. I've always wanted to share my experiences I've had in Japan, so please look forward to that!

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Studying in Japan from Home

Due to the pandemic, prospective students are forced to study in Japan remote...

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