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Summer fireworks festival – HANABI


Summer fireworks festival – HANABI

Recognized as one of the most beautiful form of fireworks in the world, Hanabi - the featured summer firework festival in Japan attracts millions of tourists each year. Nonetheless, the place that left the most impression on me was still the Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival (Tokyo).

Hương Giang

Hương Giang

Published on 08 Jul 2021, 12:00

Fireworks festival – Hanabi – held around late July - early August every year at many places across Japan. However, the place that attracts the most tourists and also one with the most extravagant scale is the Sumida riverside in Tokyo.

Hanabi was considered a national festival in Japan so there were many people attending. Hence, we had to depart from Yamanashi very early, it was already 4 PM when we arrived at Asakusa Station.

It was really crowded, much more crowded than when I attended the one at Yamanashi last year. It made me expect the display in the capital even more. The summer weather was so hot that everyone was holding uchiwa (small hand-fan).

What was even more special was that they all dressed nicely in traditional Yukata. I was unfamiliar with it so it took me 3 hours to put it on perfectly, along with hair and make up to look like a Japanese girl.

When I came here, I was relieved as had I worn casual clothes, I would have felt left out and so shy because all the other girls were so blissful and looking pretty in colorful costumes.

My "girlfriends" and I left Yamanashi since 12 PM when it was very sunny

It was only a 5 to 10-minute walk to get to the Sumida river bank. Many people had chosen good spots such as restaurant's rooftops, riverside hotels that had panoramic and splendid view, which meant that you had heavy money.

The organizing committee had localized the riverside spots that had the fullest and most beautiful view. We had to put fort a great deal of effort to book a spot that weren't out of sight for 11.000 yen/ticket (around 2.5 million Vietnam dong).

The price was high due to high demand, these spots were usually suitable for families or a group of people like us. A more economical way but needed more effort that I saw many people did was to come very early, there were even people that had come the day before and brought camping chairs and tarpaulins to reserve a spot for a dazzling festival night.

As we had reserved, we were strolling around at our leisure and taking pictures dressing in the costumes that we only wore on once-in-a-while occasions like this. Down the river bank they put up fast food stalls that were so delicious, fragrant and appetizing.

We bought skewered meat, Okonomiyaki, sushi and most importantly, some cold beer to prep for our lavish feast.

Summer fireworks festival – HANABI

At 7.30 PM, the fireworks were set off to the sky. Japan had never failed to put on top-of-the-world firework displays. I felt so lucky having been here and witnessed that wonderful scene.

The fireworks show lasted 1 hour. It was said to had had over 10.000 fireworks lit up. Each blast brought a different picture, sometimes it looked like a forest of daisies, other times they looked like peonies, or like drooping willows.

There were times I thought they looked like butterflies, flock of swallows, straw hat, paper fan, dandelion. Everything happened before my eyes at that time was like a masterpiece that gods embroidered onto the sky, not man-made.

Crowded and bustling yet so cozy
Crowded and bustling yet so cozy

It was until then did I realize why Japanese were so fond of this festival. People gathered here with lovers, family and friends, indulging in the sound of fireworks and music. A grand party that the entire nation enjoy, but also a small party with the loved ones, to forget all the worries of the hustle and bustle life out there.

Hương Giang

Hương Giang

Hi guys, my name is Huong Giang. I love travelling and Japan is the place that I can do what I desire to do. I hope my experiences will inspire you and it would be glad if we can share our things in common <3

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