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Take a walk around the


Take a walk around the "miniature desert" in Japan

Can someone ride a camel leisurely in a vast sea of sand right in Japan without coming to Africa? That's right. When that someone comes to Tottori Sand Dunes, they can definitely enjoy the feeling of living in a miniature desert! Let's explore with us!

Hương Giang

Hương Giang

Published on 02 Jul, 12:00

The boundless Tottori Sand Dunes cover an area of 16km from East to West and 2.4km from North to South. The difference between the highest and the lowest point of the dunes is up to 90m. Now you can imagine the spaciousness and the "ups and downs" of this "miniature desert", right?

It is also the ideal place to eye at the blue sea, white sand, and yellow sunlight. Therefore, Tottori is one of the favorite tourist destinations when coming to this country.

We went to Tottori on a summer afternoon. In summer, the sand dunes were hotter than regular days, giving us a more realistic feel when imagining this was a natural desert!

Transportation and how to get there

From Tottori Station, we got on the Tottori Sand Dunes Bus, the fare was 350 yen, and it only took us 20 minutes to get to the place. You could also opt for personal cars. The road was very driver-friendly!

Enjoy the view on the camel's back

What impressed me the most here was the vast and uncrowded space. In front of my eyes was a boundless sea of sand. It was so extensive that a person was like a small black dot looking from afar.

I could see the ocean and listen to the whisper of the waves, but the road to the sea was still a long way! It might look short, but it would take at least 15 minutes to get there.

The road to the sea
The road to the sea

Riding camels in this view would be fantastic!

Before that, what caught my eyes was the ambling camels right at the entrance. I decided to buy a ticket for a first-time experience to ride a camel. The fee was 1500 yen for adults, 500 yen for children.

Only when you have purchased the ticket can you record videos and take pictures with the camels.
Only when you have purchased the ticket can you record videos and take pictures with the camels.

Contrary to my initial imagination, I was clumsy when getting on its back, and then I was startled then the camel started to move. It felt so tottery that I burst out weird sounds (!!)

But when I had got used to it, I felt utterly excited. The joy and excitement lasted not long until the time was up. Each person only got to ride the camel around in 5 minutes! Anyways, this was undoubtedly a memorable experience for me!

There were staffs leading the camels so it was very safe
There were staffs leading the camels so it was very safe

After that, I continue walking around in the sand dunes. When I first got here, the sand was scorching hot, so I had to rent a pair of specialized boots at the counter for convenience. But as it was getting darker, the temperature dropped. I could let the sand creep between my toes, and it was so soothing!

A corner of Tottori Sand Dunes
A corner of Tottori Sand Dunes

People could also paraglide and play sand-sliding here, the extreme but enjoyable sports!

I walked around the dunes, then had a rest while taking pictures and having some snacks, and it took a whole afternoon. Now I understand why Tottori is recognized as a national natural heritage and attracts so many tourists. Come and enjoy the comfort, tranquility and have a wonderful experience!

Hương Giang

Hương Giang

Hi guys, my name is Huong Giang. I love travelling and Japan is the place that I can do what I desire to do. I hope my experiences will inspire you and it would be glad if we can share our things in common <3

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