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Taking million-like pictures in Senso-ji temple


Taking million-like pictures in Senso-ji temple

Located in Asakusa Ancient town, Senso-ji (Senso Temple) is the oldest temple in Japan. It preserves almost all the ancient features of the Edo period through its architecture. Let's take a tour around this gorgeous temple!



Published on 27 Aug 2020, 12:00

The touring car took me to Asakusa Ancient town in the morning. It was pretty hot then, and there were plenty of tourists there already. The crowd, along with the red color of Senso-ji temple, made me feel like I was walking in a bustling festival.

At the entrance, there was a giant lantern which I saw many times on websites and magazines about Japan. According to the tour guide, the two statues next to the lantern were the God of Thunder and the God of Wind.

This lantern is replaced every 10 years, that's why its beauty did not bring me any sense of nostalgia like other details in the temple. However, this giant lantern still offers an extremely good photoshoot, so don't miss it!

The giant lantern at the entrance of Senso-ji
The giant lantern at the entrance of Senso-ji

I love shopping, so Nakamise street - the street that led to the temple - really caught my attention. Upon walking along Nakamise Street, it felt like I could find all the Japanese specialities here.

From street foods, such as baked goods, to souvenirs, such as paper fan, doll, etc, everything could be found here. Of course, Nakamise was beautiful enough to be in some of your pictures, and you could also bring home a small souvenir.

A corner of Nakamise street
A corner of Nakamise street

I visited a shop and bought a statue of a lucky cat for about 3000 yen. Sadly, it was broken later due to my clumsiness.

The main hall of Senso temple was at the end of Nakamise. What impressed me the most was the extremely steep roof of the main hall. Besides, like other Buddhist pagodas in Vietnam, there was a giant incensory in front of the hall. Tourists and local people would gather around the incensory and rub the incense on their bodies so that their wound would be healed or to pray for better health.

In my opinion, the main hall is a sacred place and not suitable for taking pictures. Also, I saw that there were only a few people taking pictures here.

There are still many things that I regret about my trip to Senso-ji...

My guide said that if I came here around March to May, I would be able to visit the abbot's garden. But I did not come at that time, what a pity!

One more thing, I did not visit the temple in the evening. In the evening, the light in the temple would be lit up, and it would look much better than in the morning.

Taking million-like pictures in Senso-ji temple

See you soon, Senso-ji. I hope one day I can admire the sight of the temple being lit up and the abbot's garden with my own eyes.



Stan Monsta X OT7, stan talent xx


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