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Teppanyaki - Irresistible dishes


Teppanyaki - Irresistible dishes

Teppanyaki can be considered as Takoyaki's siblings due to the similarities in recipes and ingredients. Follow me to find out more about Teppanyaki!

Nhật My

Nhật My

Published on 11 Aug 2020, 12:00

In Japan, there is a famous cooking style named Teppanyaki. With this cooking style, the chef will cook and serve hot and delicious meals for diners right on the spot, thus illustrating their cooking skills to their customers through the heat.

Dishes that are cooked on the teppan are generally called Teppanyaki

This time, I came to a restaurant named Hirokazuya - which specializes in Teppanyaki. If you pay attention, you will notice that there are noren curtains - a typical feature of Japanese restaurants - hung in front of this restaurant.

In the past, these curtains were used to prevent the wind and dust from outside. Also, they protected the customers' privacy by covering most of the space inside the restaurant. Later, noren are decorated with different colors and patterns to promote the restaurant.

Most of the Japanese restaurants are decorated with Noren
Most of the Japanese restaurants are decorated with Noren
There is a funny story about the noren: "During the Edo period, the dirtier the noren were, the more crowded the restaurant was. Why? Since there was no wet tissue back then, people often wiped their hands with the noren after eating''...

Upon walking inside, the delicious smell of food and the heat from the Teppan can chase away the cold. Here, diners can cook their food on the Teppan. Therefore, I was really excited and ordered a lot of foods so that I can experience this unique table as much as possible.

The unique Teppan table
The unique Teppan table
However, it also has some disadvantages. First, the grill is too big, so there was not much space for us to put the utensils. Second, the grill was hot while cooking. You have to be careful so as not to burn yourselves!

I ordered 3 portions in total:

  • 2 Okomiyaki: one with traditional octopus filling and cheese topping, and the other with beef and green onion filling - the "best-seller" of the restaurant
  • 1 mixed Yakisoba to fry on the Teppan

This restaurant also serves Negiyaki, a thinner version of Okonomiyaki with a long green onion as the filling instead of cabbage. I heard people said that you can smell the onion with just one bite, but I did not order the Negiyaki since I already had the Okonomiyaki with green onion.

Okomomiyaki and Yakisoba
Okomomiyaki and Yakisoba

At first, I thought the restaurant would prepare the ingredients for customers to cook it by ourselves. However, the dishes were already cooked, so I felt a little bit down. Still, everything looked delicious and just needed to be stir-fried quickly before we could have it.

There were many ingredients in the filling, namely cabbage, seaweed, octopus, pork, etc. I could also taste the crispy and fatty crust that was covered in dashi and bonito flakes.

The space is decorated with many handmade paintings
The space is decorated with many handmade paintings

With the perfect mix of classic and modern touches in the design, I still sensed the cozy atmosphere of the restaurant from lovely handmade drawings though the space was relatively limited. Menu was hung on the wall with the prices varying from 800 - 1300¥ per portion.

The menu of Teppanyaki dishes, taken at the end of 2019
The menu of Teppanyaki dishes, taken at the end of 2019

Thanks to its unique cooking and taste, Teppanyaki dishes have become popular all over Japan. They have not only familiar ingredients such as seafood and meat but also a flavorful mixture of barley flour that can captivate anyone from the first bite.

If you are a fan of Japanese food, do not miss out on these amazing dishes.



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