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The biggest discount store: DON QUIJOTE


The biggest discount store: DON QUIJOTE

When it comes to discount shopping in Japan, 100 yen shop - DAISO may come up to your mind first. However, do you know an idea of another option called DON KI (the nickname of DON QUIJOTE)?? It's Japanese discount chain store, and a paradise.



Published on 14 Apr, 12:00

If you've never heard of Don Quijote before, be prepared to add it to your list of favorite places to shop at. Just like DAISO, Don Quijote is a department store where you can find basically everything at a very low price.

The biggest discount store: DON QUIJOTE

The difference between these two stores though, is that Don Quijote tends to be bigger (having sometimes a whole building and floors for its products) and offers a more wide variety of products than DAISO. At first, when I had first heard of Don Quijote, I had thought that it might've been the same as DAISO - but boy was I wrong.

The biggest discount store: DON QUIJOTE

They both have their good things to each other. But if I had to choose between the two, I feel like I would lean more towards Don Quijote. Not only because of the variety but because of how big the establishments of Don Quijote are.

Besides make-ups, goods for your home, and toys, if the Don Quijote that you go to is big enough - they have a section for grocery shopping!

If you have a Don Quijote nearby and no other supermarket to go to, you can totally go here and make your grocery shopping here - the prices are lower than in any other type of regular supermarket and the portions tend to be bigger too!

The biggest discount store: DON QUIJOTE

Don Quijote also became my go-to place when I'm looking for something specific at a cheap price and don't know where to get it. They've got a section for skincare, make-ups, clothes, watches, electronics, and there even is a floor exclusive for all your adult needs.

If you don't trust the products because you think that if it's cheap it must mean that it's bad quality, well, at least you can go and walk around to take a look for yourself!

Have the experience of going to a Don Quijote and see what type of products you may find. You never know when you can find something that might actually come in useful to you in your trip or life in general.

The biggest discount store: DON QUIJOTE

One of the main reasons why I recommend Don Quijote so much is because it's saved me so many times. Usually, when I don't know where to get something in specific that I have in mind, I try to go to Don Quijote first before any other place, and up until now, it has not disappointed me.

The biggest discount store: DON QUIJOTE

A few weeks ago I was looking to buy a cheap soccer ball and while I was trying to find sports stores where I could find a soccer ball Don Quijote came to mind. I knew that if I went to any other store, the possibility of the soccer ball being kind of expensive was high. So I decided to try Don Quijote since I had tried to go to DAISO before and hadn't found what I was looking for.

In the end, I found the soccer ball after only being in the store for 10 minutes! Not only did I find the product that I was looking for extremely quickly, but it didn't cost much either! The ball was of very good quality and it cost less than 1,000 yen (10 USD).

I didn't have to search a lot either inside the store or walk around a lot to find what I was looking for. The instructions and the areas inside the store are so well organized, that it's extremely easy to find what you're looking for the moment that you walk in!

So give Don Quijote a try! I'm sure you'll be able to find exactly what you need here.



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