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The memory of my


The memory of my "fake business card" in Japan

Since I work for a Japanese company, I have got used to carrying my business cards with me all the time.

Yukie Chan

Yukie Chan

Published on 18 Mar 2021, 12:00

People exchange business cards not only in every meeting but also in events or functions. That's why carrying your business cards with you is a "rule" you should bear in mind.

My memory of a "fake business card"

Once, I had a meeting with people from Hokkaido on tourism. Though I knew beforehand that I had to bring my business cards with me, I still thought that 15 cards would be too many since I would usually give my business cards to 4 or 5 people only.

However, when I got to the dining room, I saw exactly...15 people lining up and waiting to exchange business cards (people from tourism companies, tourist parks, and hotel managers in the province all gathered there).

"Lucky me, I brought exactly 15 cards with me", I breathed a sigh of relief and walked into the room.

However, my joy did not last long. When I gave my business card to the last person, I found out that it was not mine...but my colleague's business card.

Turned out, I borrowed it from her and put it among my business cards which followed me on this business trip. I panicked, but still decided to give that one to that Japanese guy. Fortunately, my colleague and I work in the same department.

When I got home, I immediately texted her to inform me if any relevant email came in. What an unforgettable memory!

Some rule to bear in mind when exchanging business cards

According to statistics, an average Japanese businessman uses about 20 business cards per day, and at the same time, Japanese people exchange about 45 million business cards per day.

The above figures show that Japan is one of the countries that use business cards the most in the world.

It might surprise you a little at first when seeing them use so many business cards, but after some time, you will also learn to appreciate yours. When working in a Japanese company, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Your boss and the partner company's boss will exchange their business cards first
  • Remember to give and receive business cards with both hands
  • Rotate your business card so that the other person can read your name and title
The memory of my
  • After receiving a business card, do not put it away immediately

Instead, look at it with attention and leave it on the table during the meeting. You can arrange business cards in the correct order of the opposite row so you can call their names correctly in case you forget.

  • You should have a separate business card box instead of putting your cards in your pocket since the image of you being confused and looking for a business card will leave a bad impression
  • When you have received too many business cards and do not want to store or fear losing them, you can save all the information in an excel file

So what about your companies? Are there any rules on exchanging name card? If yes, share it with me!


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