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The poetic beauty of Nikko in autumn


The poetic beauty of Nikko in autumn

Part of Tochigi District, Nikko City is located in the North of Kanto Prefecture. It is one of the most famous and stunning tourist destinations in Japan.

Linh Linh

Linh Linh

Published on 05 Sep 2021, 12:00

I love this place not only because of how miraculously dreamy its nature appears but also because this is home to numerous long-standing historical sites - for example, those sacred temples full of holy vibes. I arrived at Tobu Station - Nikko at around 8 am and left my luggage there so that I would be free to wander around.

The first destination I wanted to visit was definitely Chuzenji Lake - a prestigiously beautiful lake lying at the base of Nantaiouga Mountain.

Accompanying me was only my Samsung A30s mobile phone and some cash, just in case I'd need it. But that was enough for someone who couldn't wait to explore a new city

On the bus to Chuzenji Onsen, I gradually realized, that what attracted me was not merely the destination I was heading to, but also the burning red of those maple leaves along the way. It was near the end of October, and the whole Irohazaka Mountain Pass was coated with the color of autumn.

I took my chance to get off at the next bus-stop then took some photographs to save the sights of a mountain pass as magnificent as a dream, while my soul was looking forward a fascinating trip ahead.

The autumn sight at Irohazaka Mountain Pass
The autumn sight at Irohazaka Mountain Pass

To move on, I got on the bus again and headed to halt no.26 to visit Chuzenji Lake. It was the biggest lake in Tochigi, formed by the lava from Nantai Mountain that blocked the stream of Otagawa River.

The sight of the lake, embraced by the mighty nature, was even more romantic and poetic if viewed from the boat. The cool autumn weather, together with the splendidness of the surrounding scenery made everything feel like a dream. Nikko had really left on me an impression so tranquil and peaceful that I couldn't stop recalling even after having to part ways with it.

Chuzenjii was coated with those brilliant colors of autumn
Chuzenjii was coated with those brilliant colors of autumn

Lying next to Chuzenji Lake is Kegon Waterfall, another stop along my journey. It is one of the top three most grandiose and picturesque waterfalls in the land where the sun rises. Reaching a height of 97 meters, the Kegon Waterfall - formed by the lava of Nantai Volcano - appeared to be even more imposing and pristine. You only have to pay 550¥ for an elevator ticket to be able to enjoy a close-up of that fantastic beauty.

Though already feeling tired, I was so enthusiastic and motivated to continue my journey to the next destination. When I got off the bus at stop no.46, Yumoto Onsen revealed in front of my eyes with its picture-like tranquility and beauty. I got so thrill at the sight that all of my exhaustion wore off and I was very passionate to take myself some pleasing photographs.

Right beside Yumoto Town are Yunoko Lake and Yudaki Waterfall, both of which are wonderful places for creating unforgettably good memories of this town.

A photo of a friend who also visited Yudaki Waterfall
A photo of a friend who also visited Yudaki Waterfall

Nikko was really an ideal place for someone who owns a romantic soul and always have her head in the clouds like me. Just sitting still, feeling the crispiness of the early winter winds and enjoying the poeticism of the atmosphere was satisfying enough for a backpacking travel.

By the end of the first day, I returned to the station to fetch my luggage and transfer to my initially booked hotel to prepare for the next day with a bunch of new experiences awaiting...

Linh Linh

Linh Linh

Super humorous and active person, I myself am interested in writing and sharing my experience in Japan. Hope to find someone to travel with 🗻🗻🗻


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