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The streets of Beppu


The streets of Beppu

Let's take a stroll with me

nipun islam

nipun islam

Published on 18 Aug 2020, 12:00

Since, I’ve moved to Japan, there has been an endless amount of discovery

The culture here reminds sometimes of the culture back home in Bangladesh and resembling that of the west, given my time in England.

It’s one of the few countries in Asia, that achieved the standard of living that the west is so well known for. In fact, in some cases such as cleanliness, order, crime rates; perhaps even better than the west. But that’s just Japan in general.

Now, coming to Beppu, my beloved city

I haven’t travelled much of Japan, as of yet, but the little that I did, I think Beppu will always be my favourite. Perhaps that because I live here, or perhaps it’s the unique culture that this little city has.

My first Sakura in Japan, me and a friend decided to go to Usuki, which is this little town in not too far from Beppu, still in Oita. The site that I saw of Japan there was completely different. My walks along the street, I saw so many curious eyes. I realised this part of the town doesn’t get foreigners as often, and in many ways is still very traditionally routed in Japanese traditions.

Usuki is quite famous for the Bamboo festival held annually in fall
Usuki is quite famous for the Bamboo festival held annually in fall

Whereas, Beppu has grown around the university I go to, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University or in short APU. The university established in 2000 has been here for almost 20 years and is a major reason for the increased economic activities within Beppu.

So, even though Beppu is a small town when compared to the rest of Japan; perhaps it is one of the few that has embraced foreigners and foreign things given this size.

No matter, what time, what place, you’ll probably meet an APU student somewhere. And even the foreign students, have embraced Beppu and made it their home. So many businesses have popped up by APU graduates that couldn’t bear to leave their beloved town.

There is almost no sadness that hasn’t been reduced by a little walk around the beautiful streets of Beppu for me. The stones laying the ground, the old houses popped up here and there, looking as if they might fall any second, but never do.

The streets of Beppu

Every time I walk past, I am always a little bit surprised. At the end of the street, turning the corner, you’ll see the oldest パン屋(panya) which means bread shop, and the longest line of people waiting to get their favourite bread.

I don’t know if it’s everywhere in Japan but the loyalty towards their oldest is something very intrinsic in Beppu.

Even though, there is an in numerous amounts of bread and pastry shops popped up everywhere, I’ve never seen a line as big anywhere as I’ve seen outside that little old shop. I don’t know when or how Beppu made me fall in love with her.

I have so much yet, to discover about her corners, streets, people but even though it’s been almost 2 years, I feel I have seen nothing yet!



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The streets of Beppu

Let's take a stroll with me

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