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Top 3 destinations with the best night view in Japan


Top 3 destinations with the best night view in Japan

Not only popular as "the kingdom of sunrise", Japan is also home to many breath-taking sceneries at night!



Published on 16 Apr 2021, 20:00

Japan is never absent when it comes to top-lists, so it is not a big surprise to find its name when you look for the best of something.

To the ones who love exploring like me, of course, this is perfect as it saves a lot of time! All we have to do is just search on Google and there we go!!!

Today, let me introduce you about Japan and its destinations with the most spectacular view at night. Throughout my adventure in Japan, this is probably one of the most fascinating and unforgettable experiences.

#1: Nagasaki - Mt. Inasa

From the top of Mt. Inasa (稲佐山), at the height of 333 meters, the magnificent riverside of Nagasaki in Kyushu was so brilliant in my eyes. Nothing could ever be that wonderful!

Nagasaki has the most beautiful night scene in Japan
Nagasaki has the most beautiful night scene in Japan

The whole city that was covered in sparkling lights, together with the winds blowing from the river really did wonders to my emotions.

While Japan is a bustling, ever-moving place during the day, it can become so tranquil and peaceful when night falls. That is why I love enjoying night sceneries in Japan so much.

Only a short walk around the top of the mountain overlooking the whole city can wash all of my worries away and freshen my mind.

How to reach Mt. Inasa:

Inasa is accessible by cable car. Or you can go by taxi (~2000¥ for a 15-minute ride) from Nagasaki station.

I usually take the bus (150¥ per person per ride, 15 minutes long) since I prefer walking to the observatory while enjoying the surrounding view. Exercise also brightens your moods a lot!

# 2: Kobe - Mt. Maya

Top 3 destinations with the best night view in Japan

Mt. Maya is part of the Rokko Mountain Range in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture.

While Mt. Inasa presents to you a night view in the city encircled by the Nagasaki River, the night view from the top of Mt. Maya (摩耶山) at the height of 698 meters is considered as "The 10-million-dollar night scene" (1000 万 ド ル の 夜景, Issenmandoru no yake). It really brought me an unparalleled impression.

Among the three destinations for admiring spectacular night sceneries introduced in this article, perhaps this one was the easiest to access for me as it was simply a night trip from Osaka - close to where I lived.

You can even find Kobe and Osaka bay from this. Seeing things from up high gives you a feeling as if you were living in a real fairy tale!

How to reach Mt. Maya:

There are a bunch of option. You can take a walk from Shin-Kobe Station!

But as most people did, I took the Maya cable car to get there. In order to get to the cable car station, you should take the Kobe City bus no.18. There is nothing more exciting than sitting in a cable car at night and having the whole city under your feet. Look down and you will feel as if you were drifting and floating in the middle of the thousand-star city Mt. Maya.

#3: Hakodate - Mt.Hakodate

The night view from the top of Mt. Hakodate (函館山) at the height of 334 meters was probably the one that impressed me the most since most of the peninsula is situated on Hakodate center (Hokkaido).

It was the thing that makes the shape of the peninsula special and enjoying its night view could not be any better.

The spectacular night view in Mt.Hakodate
The spectacular night view in Mt.Hakodate

From up high, I could hear the sounds of vehicles approaching, people talking, waves lapping, leaves rustling,... All combined together in this beautiful night. The atmosphere, as simple as it might seem, created a reality of life in Japan.

From this ideal height, I could sense the borderline that separates the busy life down there and the peaceful space full of starlights up in the night sky. Enjoying night sceneries never fails to calm me down and inspire me to love my life.

How to reach Mt. Hakodate: You can get to the top of Mt. Hakodate by either of the three options: cable car, bus, and taxi.

Other wonderful night views in Japan

What I introduced above is the original top list for the most magnificent night views in Japan.

Recently they have added the "Top three new stunning night sceneries in Japan" (新 三大 夜景 Shinsandaiyakei) that include Mt. Sarakura (Kitakyushu), Mt. Wakakusa (Nara) and Fuefuki River Fruit Park (Yamanashi).

Japan has many wonderful sceneries at night, and I am personally into those places with a giant lake or an ocean in the front the most. I love a space harmonically combined with nature and urban landscape, which generates a feeling of authenticity and tranquillity. As far as I remember, I truly loved the night views from Miyajima and Mt. Fuji a lot.

Which one is your favourite night scenery in Japan? Let me know in the comment section below!



Everything in Japan is different from cultures, behaviors, people,..I admire every bit of it. So I want to tell you about my Japan experiences through my stories here. Hope you enjoy it as same as me !!! @@@

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