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Two must-visit matchmaking destinations in Japan for the singles


Two must-visit matchmaking destinations in Japan for the singles

I, a Forever Alone (FA) girl, had a dream of getting a boyfriend. And after visiting Imado Jinja Shrine and Koi Yamagata station to pray for love, my dream actually came true...



Published on 10 Feb, 12:00

First matchmaking destination: Let the cats carry your wishes at Imado Jinja Shrine

Location: 1-5-22 Imado, Taito District, Tokyo

Opening time:

  • Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 1 PM
  • Saturday & Sunday: 9 AM - 3 PM

I walked there from Asakusa station and arrived in just around 15 minutes.

Note: There is no parking lot at the shrine so I recommend taking a train and walk or hail a taxi from Asakusa station.

The shrine is right in Tokyo, but when I first came to Japan, I had to worry about my work and didn't care much about anything else so I didn't know about it. Luckily, one day as I was lamenting about my lack of boyfriend to a colleague, she suggested me to visit Imado Jinja Shrine - one of the most effective matchmaking shrines in Tokyo.

Imado Jinja Shrine Gate
Imado Jinja Shrine Gate

There are two characteristics making this shrine very suitable for matchmaking. Firstly, the shrine is dedicated to the gods Izanagi and Izanami - a married couple with many children. And secondly, the shrine's mascot is the famous lucky Cat of Japan.

Every corner of the shrine was decorated with cats, and interesting enough, there was a real cat living there. The fat white cat was calm and didn't fear humans, it quietly lay under a tree with a manner befitting the shrine's tranquility.

Expanding knowledge at the Imado Jinja shrine

Before visiting the Shrine, I didn't know anything about the Goshuin book. I was quite embarrassed for not knowing why so many girls were lining up waiting to get their book stamped. After asking around for a bit, it seems that this is a way to contribute and pay respect to the shrine.

a Goshuin book
a Goshuin book

Many youth these days have the hobby of collecting Goshuin.

The book is also a great way to keep the memories of the time I went to the Matchmaking shrine, it is very meaningful to me. I also bragged about this book to my boyfriend later on.

Buy a lucky charm and entrust your wishes at the shrine

I bought a charm with a picture of 2 cute cats for 1500 yen. The line full of FA fellows looking to buy the charm was so long, and I had to wait for 30 minutes for my turn.

The Shrine also gifted me a wooden plaque for writing wishes and hanging up at the Shrine.

Many wooden plaques with wishes hanging at the Shrine
Many wooden plaques with wishes hanging at the Shrine

Second matchmaking destination: Koi Yamagata Station

It might be funny to hear about this location since usually no one would come to a train station to pray for love. But for me, who was single for 20 years, nothing was impossible in life.

Unlike other trains and train stations in Japan, every train and station here was dyed in the lovely, youthful shade of pink. And not just that, even the station name board, postboxes, and trashcans were all pink.

Two must-visit matchmaking destinations in Japan for the singles
The reason for such romantic appearance actually came from the name itself: Koi Yamagata Station. The name has two meaning, one is "Come to Yamagata station". But for young girls pursuing romance, the name can also mean "Station of Love" since Koi in Japanese also have the meaning of love.

I went to Tottori province twice on my business trips, and had both times went by the Koi Yamagata station. While waiting for the train, I was able to read many unspoken wishes written in many languages on heart-shaped pink papers. The content was mostly the same: a wish for a romantic partner.

Many heart-shaped papers with the same message
Many heart-shaped papers with the same message

Perhaps no one can be sure that waiting for a train in such a romantic place and writing a wish at the Koi Yamagata station will guarantee you a boyfriend in the future, but we were willing to try anyway with all our might.

Many people still think that praying for love at shrines or anywhere else is rather superstitious. But I believed in such things, and after visiting and wishing at the Imado Jinja shrine and Koi Yamagata station, I got myself a boyfriend. Hopefully the other singles out there will soon find their beloved!


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