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VenusFort - A European Like Shopping Mall


VenusFort - A European Like Shopping Mall

VenusFort is a unique shopping mall in Odaiba, a popular shopping and entertainment district on a human-made island in Tokyo bay.

sheryl anne dicman

sheryl anne dicman

Published on 04 Mar 2021, 12:00

I was fascinated by this mall the first time I stepped inside. You can enjoy shopping while enjoying a medieval European themed interior.

VenusFort has three different floors

  • The 1st floor is Venus Family: this floor provides various needs for children, families, and pet supplies. There are also restaurants, and cafe's in this area.
  • The 2nd floor is Venus Grand: you can find different kind of fashion brands here, from Japanese to western brands popular among adults.
  • The 3rd floor is Venus Outlet: you can enjoy shopping here at outlet prices. There are shops here that are popular among young ones. You can also find the food court here at an affordable cost. Some shops offer duty-free services. There is also a machine to exchange money, which makes the mall very helpful for travellers.

Fountain Plaza

Fountain Plaza is located on the first floor of the centre of the mall; many people gather here and take photos.

VenusFort - A European Like Shopping Mall

The fountain is the mall's best interior that represents Europe. I have always dreamed of going to Europe, so VenusFort has become one of the best malls I have been to, and I was thrilled to take photos of the mall's interiors.

Artificial Sky

VenusFort - A European Like Shopping Mall

The mall has an artificial sky in its ceiling that changes into day, noon, sunset, and evening, which changes throughout an hour. Walking in the mall's isle while checking on shops won't be boring because walking under an artificial sky is unusual.

I even noticed myself walking while looking at the ceiling, and I get thrilled when it changes.

Taking photos with VenusFort's European interior with the artificial sky will make the whole picture look perfect. Your friends might wonder if you have been to Europe.

Vintage cars

One of the coolest and most visited parts in VenusFort is the museum of collections of vintage cars. People who have a passion for vehicles need to visit this place.

There are cars from the '50s and luxurious vintage cars; there are different kinds of exciting vintage cars that you might not even know.

VenusFort - A European Like Shopping Mall

The place of the exhibits also resembles a Venetian street. Looking at the vintage cars while walking through the exhibit makes me feel like I am in the 1950s.

Coffee while Enjoying the European Vibe

Having coffee or some snacks in a cafe or a restaurant will also be perfect while enjoying the European feeling while the fake sky in the ceiling changes throughout an hour. I enjoyed spending hours in this mall, even just sitting and chatting with a friend after shopping.

Resting for a moment while enjoying the view inside this Venetian themed mall will be something you can also appreciate while sipping your coffee.

Ferris Wheel

Enjoy riding on the Ferris wheel in a 115 metered tall Ferris Wheel and enjoy the marvellous view of Tokyo Tower, Skytree, and Rainbow Bridge. A ride during the sunset is very romantic, and enjoying the city's lights up high on the Ferris Wheel is also a perfect way to end your day.

The Ferris Wheel is located just beside VenusFort. It is easy to notice once you stepped out of the nearest station which is Tokyo Teleport.


Address: 1 Chome-3-15 Aomi, Koto City, Tokyo 135-0064

Nearest Station: Tokyo Teleport

Website: (English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese)

sheryl anne dicman

sheryl anne dicman

Hi! I am Sheryl, I am now living in Chiba, Japan the neighbor city of Tokyo. Im an adventurist who loves to explore places, learn new things and discover new cuisines. My passion includes writing, painting, fashion and travel.

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