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What kind of place is the Hell Valley?


What kind of place is the Hell Valley?

Noboribetsu Jigokudani, also called Hell Valley, was once known as the actual hell on earth in Japan during 794 - 1185. Let's go on a trip to visit "hell" with us!

Hương Giang

Hương Giang

Published on 15 Sep, 12:00

Jigokudani is actually an active volcano

This fact has made its surrounding landscape desolate with ash, soil, and white columns of smoke. However, the overall look made it a perfect and "popular" scenery.

It has gradually become one of the must-see check-in locations when tourists choose Hokkaido as their destination.

What kind of place is the Hell Valley?

How to get there and means of transportation

  • From Sapporo station, we got to Noboribetsu station by Tokkyu line train, which took about 1 hour.
  • Then we took the bus for about 15-20 minutes to get to the destination. Because the bus does not run very often, you should remember to check the schedule to avoid waiting too long!

Jigokudani has a different beautiful look for each season. But tourists often come here in the winter to watch the snow and fully enjoy the natural scenery in the summer. I came here at the beginning of July, so there was no snow yet!

Take a walk around hell and have your soul stolen

The desolate and barren landscape was overwhelming when I visited this place. The volcanic activity caused the surrounding rocks to become discolored, and the columns of steam rising along with the smell of sulfur spreading everywhere made me feel like I was in actual hell.

What kind of place is the Hell Valley?

The trees were still growing green in the distance on high mountains, but surrounding the volcanic area was only bare tree stumps on the gray hillsides, together with the hazy, white smoke which made the atmosphere somehow mysterious and chilling.

Now I understand why the Japanese have considered this as actual hell since ancient times. The space was so vast that a loud shout could leave a ghostly echo that dissipated into the unknown.
What kind of place is the Hell Valley?

Along the wooden bridge, we could see ultimately every beautiful corner of the Hell valley. It seemed like we just needed to hold up the camera anywhere, and we would get a beautiful photo to take home.

What kind of place is the Hell Valley?

If you come here during the snow season, the scene will be much more romantic and magnificent. A friend of mine said, "The winter scenery in Hell Valley is so mysterious and beautiful that no words can describe it."

Tourists coming here could have a bathing experience in the hot springs because this was in the upstream, this activity was much developed. There were ryokans and hotels with hot spring baths around the area, and the average price ranged from 700-2000 yen/person.

However, we saved our money by not taking a hot bath and instead stayed longer to take pictures, so it took us almost 3 hours to explore this place!

Some experience to share when visiting Noboribetsu Jigokudani

  • The Hell valley will be closed from October when it snows heavily, so if you want to see the snow, be sure to visit when the snow starts falling or before it melts.
  • The walking path from the outside to the valley was quite long and often steep, so girls, don't wear high heels to avoid hurting your feet!
  • There wasn't a lot of food in this area, and there weren't that many toilets either ^^ so everyone should remember to prepare carefully!
  • And finally, the atmosphere had a moderate amount of sulfur, but it is not suitable for health, so please consider carefully before bringing children here!

Don't miss this unique site to visit! I look forward to your comments!!!

Hương Giang

Hương Giang

Hi guys, my name is Huong Giang. I love travelling and Japan is the place that I can do what I desire to do. I hope my experiences will inspire you and it would be glad if we can share our things in common <3

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