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Wonderful things at Dotonbori


Wonderful things at Dotonbori

Dotonbori is one of the places you cannot miss when visiting Osaka. Let's discover all the wonderful things here!

Nhật My

Nhật My

Published on 28 Feb 2020, 14:00

As a bustling commercial street located on the south bank of the river, Dotonbori spans from Dotonboribashi Bridge to Nipponbashi Bridge. It is famous for being a crowded street with so many delicious food shops and well-known restaurants that it has another name called Kuidaore (which means "eat into ruin"). However, to fully enjoy the trip at Dotonbori, please do not forget other prominent features of this city besides food.

Tombori River Cruise

One of the services that many tourists wish to try when coming here is "River Cruise" - Tomboriribakuruzu. The boat takes visitors on a delightful "stroll" along the Dotonbori river to enjoy the city in 20 minutes. It seemed to be an attractive offer so I decided to give it a try.

The price was about ¥900/pax (including boat service and tour guide). Our tour guide was very enthusiastic and humorous with good English skills so that foreigners like me could understand what he wanted to say.

During the tour, he made games for everybody on the boat to interact with each other and also taught us some simple phrases heard only in Osaka. Here instead saying "Arigatou", you can use "Okini" to thank the people of Osaka. I was very impressed by his detailed explanation about every bridge when our boat passed under. While doing his job, he did not forget to remind us to sit still and not stand or move to avoid any danger.

Tombori River Cruise
Tombori River Cruise

Local people

Besides the great tour guide, the hospitality of the Osaka people was also worth mentioning. Whenever the boat passed, people standing on the bridge or walking on both sides of the street waved to us. I felt so attached to this place and even loved this country more.

People waved to us whenever the boat passed
People waved to us whenever the boat passed

The Glico Man sign

There is a sign depicting a giant athlete called "Glico Man" in the main area. While walking around, I saw many tourists taking photos with this background or posing like this man everywhere. I did not know why this sign became a famous symbol of Osaka, so I tried to search out its origin.

"Glico Man" pose

The word "Glico" comes from "glycogen" - a type of glucose that is used by a confectionery company as the key ingredient in their products. The image of this running athlete is the emblem used in a very successful sales campaign of the company with the slogan "300 Meters in a Single Piece". The running athlete with arms raised is also meant to be victory.

There is also a great place to enjoy the view and take photos with Glico Man: Ebisubashi Bridge.

Many tourists with
Many tourists with "Glico Man" pose on Ebisubashi Bridge

Maybe you are wondering why I did not talk about food, right? Of course, we spent a lot of time eating many kinds of food here. But I think Dotonbori is too famous for its incredible food culture, I only plan to share a bit about the restaurant I felt most impressed with in this article. It is the Kobe Beef Steak.

As you may know Kobe beef is one of the most famous dishes in Japan and of course, it is not cheap. I only ate a tiny piece of beef which cost me about ¥2000 but every bite tasted heavenly! However, the special thing I want to share is that the Vietnamese chef himself made the dishes for us. Because we came from the same country, we had a short talk. He confided about his life away from home to work in Japan and still had no chance to visit his family yet. I was very touched and I really hoped he would be reunited with his family soon.

Let's eat Kobe beef!!!
Let's eat Kobe beef!!!


I really had a lot of interesting and profound feelings about people and all the features at Dotonbori through this trip. Surely there will be many other great things that I still have not been able to experience. If you have ever been here, please share more with me.



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