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Hakone - The ideal destination for a cold autumn

The beauty of Hakone town does not only lie in the boundless water but also i...

Linh Linh Linh Linh · Travel · about 17 hours ago

Korankei - The valley autumn leaves of Aichi Prefecture

Autumn in Japan is never complete if you do not go maple-leaves viewing. Apar...

Le Honganhh Le Honganhh · Travel · 6 days ago

Hakone - The ideal stop for a cold autumn

Known as the tourists' paradise of the Land of the Rising Sun, the next stop ...

Linh Linh Linh Linh · Travel · 24 days ago

Camping under the magical Kawaguchi sky

Kawaguchiko is a part of Yamanashi Province, located at the foot of Mount Fuj...

Le Honganhh Le Honganhh · Travel · about 1 month ago



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