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The idyllic beauty of Mt.Omuro - "Matcha" mountain (Ito, Izu Peninsula)

Located in the beautiful seaside town Ito, Shizuoka, Mt. Omuro impressed me w...

Hương Giang Hương Giang · Travel · 3 months ago

How to enjoy cherry blossom season in Japan

Speaking of spring, most of Japanese people remind of Hanami (Sakura flower v...

Waku Waku Waku Waku · Culture · 6 months ago

Do you have your own Fuji-san that you are looking for?

Dear reader, even if you have seen Mount Fuji in the photos, on TV a million ...

Truc Le Truc Le · Travel · 7 months ago

Mesmerize yourself with the beauty of the canola fields in Tahara

The Irago Nanohana Garden Park - Tahara is the most beautiful canola park in ...

Hương Giang Hương Giang · Travel · 7 months ago



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