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My visit to the Sand Dunes and less populated area in Japan

Many of you know about the beauty of the sea in Japan, but did you know about...

Carolina Suarez Carolina Suarez · Travel · 20 days ago

Kyoto's spiritual and cultural hub - Kamigamo Shrine

Kamigamo Shrine (上賀茂神社, Kamigamo-Jinja), located in northern Kyoto, on the ba...

Le Honganhh Le Honganhh · Culture · 2 months ago

Take a walk around the "miniature desert" in Japan

Can someone ride a camel leisurely in a vast sea of sand right in Japan witho...

Hương Giang Hương Giang · Travel · 3 months ago

How to enjoy cherry blossom season in Japan

Speaking of spring, most of Japanese people remind of Hanami (Sakura flower v...

Waku Waku Waku Waku · Culture · 6 months ago



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