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Temple visiting in autumn - Culture of the ancient capital: Toji Temple

Our journey of experiencing the practice of Heart Sutra copying at Toji Templ...

Lyne Lyne · Culture · 16 days ago

Seasonal changes among nature in Kyoto: Arashiyama

Travelers to Japan or residents, you may relate to my words when it comes to ...

Carolina Suarez Carolina Suarez · Travel · about 2 months ago

My visit to one of the best views of Japan: Amanohashidate

Japan is a country full of nature and tradition! There are several spots for ...

Carolina Suarez Carolina Suarez · Travel · 2 months ago

Koyasan Okunoin temple: the most sacred spot in Japan

The stone tombs and the statues of gods standing over time lie quietly under ...

Vy Nguyen Vy Nguyen · Travel · 3 months ago



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