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Awaji Island: Akashi Kaikyo National Government Park

Awaji is considered as the fairy tale island of Japan with distinct nature, a...

Le Honganhh Le Honganhh · Travel · 3 days ago

Himeji jo - UNESCO World Heritage castle

Also called "White Egret Castle", Himeji castle is the Japan's three premier ...

Duong Thuy Nguyen Duong Thuy Nguyen · Travel · 5 days ago

Kishu Toshogu Shrine - named as "Nikko" in Kansai area

One day of the early summer, we had a trip to Kishu Toshogu shrine in Wakayam...

Vy Nguyen Vy Nguyen · Travel · 10 days ago

The landmark of an ancient capital: Kinkaku-ji - The most "extravagant" temple in Japan

Kyoto is a place gathering various Japanese traditional cultural imprints sin...

Hương Giang Hương Giang · Travel · 14 days ago



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