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Huis Ten Bosch - The miniature Netherlands in the heart of Japan

Huis Ten Bosch attracts us since all the architecture and buildings in this p...

Hương Giang Hương Giang · Travel · about 1 month ago

Hunting for mascots - and much more - in Kumamoto

Japan is well known for its love of mascot characters, and Kumamon may be the...

Claire Claire · Travel · about 1 month ago

Exploring the Less-explored Udon of Fukuoka

Let me bring you along on my journey of eating udon from its birthplace, Fuku...

Cynthia Gumulia Cynthia Gumulia · Lifestyle · about 2 months ago

The vibrant dance at Bon Odori festival at Beppu

Bon Odori is a large festival held in mid-August in Japan. It is considered t...

TT TT · Travel · about 2 months ago



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